H-E Parts International (HEPI) was founded in 2006 and is a leading independent supplier of parts, remanufactured components, and equipment to the global mining, quarrying, heavy construction, and energy sectors. HEPI is a global company with more than 800 employees worldwide and approximately 50% of its workforce are based in Australia. Their mining, crushing, cooling, engine, and engineering solutions are in support of surface mining equipment fleets, crushing and materials processing, and mobile construction equipment fleets.
In early 2018, H-E Parts International Crushing Solutions (HEPICS) the largest division of HEPI were looking to streamline their current learning and compliance processes. HEPICS had a hands-on and face to face approach to inductions, and were seeking ways to become more efficient, particularly around onboarding, training and reporting, with a focus on the management of compliance training, policies and records management. HEPICS reviewed several online systems as part of their due diligence and found Sentrient to be the best option and value for money.
The key driver was to streamline their induction process and to record all the training qualifications, tickets, licences, skills was the biggest component for using Sentrient. Sentrient provides a high-quality product.

“Sentrient have helped us streamline our induction process and to record all the training qualifications, tickets, and skills for our people and that has been the biggest advantage.”

Scott Burnett, Human Resources Manager, says that “Sentrient is a quality product” and that it is “fit for purpose for Australia, and globally, when it comes to HEPICS’s governance, risk, and compliance obligations” and for this reason, he has recommended Sentrient to other divisions and is now the only training platform used by HEPI Australia. Scott and his team have also found Sentrient to be “very accommodating and able to work with HEPI to ensure they are utilising the system the best they can”.
HEPI provide parts, manufacturing, machining, and crushing support to many of Australia's largest and most highly regarded mining companies. Having a robust governance, risk, and compliance program is an important part of delivering a quality service, and Sentrient are grateful of the opportunity to make this process a little bit easier for the team at HEPI.