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COVID-19 Tracking Software
for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


Helping small and medium scale businesses create a COVID-Safe workplace

COVID-Safe by Sentrient is a leading online COVID-19 employee tracking software for small and medium businesses that want to take the pain out of COVID-19 compliance and create a COVID-Safe workplace. The COVID employee tracking software for SMEs is simple to implement, easy to use, and reliable. It can be deployed in just minutes, without any of the stress associated with complex system configurations. It comes with an online record keeping tool for COVID-19 vaccinations, an online reporting tool for COVID-19 testing, and ready-made reports for COVID-19 compliance and audit purposes. COVID-Safe also comes with pre-built online courses for COVID-19 safety at work, a workplace policy builder that enables you to distribute and report on completion of your COVID-19 policies, a message tool that enables you to communicate important COVID-19 messages with staff, and an online survey tool that enables you to seek feedback from your team. This makes it easy for you to do the right thing and protect your people and your business from the ever-increasing risks associated with COVID-19 safety, COVID-19 employee tracking, and COVID-19 compliance in the workplace.
COVID 19 Employee Tracking Software

We Take the Pain Out Of COVID-Tracking for SMEs

COVID-19 employee tracking software by Sentrient will help you make COVID-19 reporting easy, create a COVID-Safe workplace and protect your business from COVID-19 outbreaks. This COVID employee tracking software has been designed with a small and medium business owner and small HR team in mind, and that is why it is simple to implement, easy to use, and reliable. In other words, we are here to make your life easy and enable you to have COVID-19 tracking software in place to create and maintain a COVID-Safe workplace, as you navigate through the ever-changing list of COVID-Compliance obligations for small and medium businesses in Australia.

    Make COVID-19 reporting easy
    Simple, easy, and reliable way to meet your COVID-Compliance obligations without cutting corners or overwhelming staff.
    • Australia made
    • Set up in minutes
    • Your own branding
    • Secure cloud solution
    • Data hosted in Australia
    • Easy access 24 x 7
    Create a COVID-Safe workplace
    Create a COVID-Compliance culture that builds trust, inspires confidence, and allows everyone to feel safe at work.
    • COVID-Courses
    • COVID-Policies
    • COVID-Vaccinations
    • COVID-Testing
    • COVID-Alerts
    • COVID-Surveys
    Protect your business from COVID-19 outbreaks
    Reduce COVID-Risk, lower COVID-Compliance costs, and avoid COVID-19 outbreaks at your workplace..
    • Easy to administer
    • HR record keeping
    • HR reporting
    • HR dashboards
    • Risk register
    • Audit reports

What COVID-19 Tracking Features Are Included in The Sentrient COVID Tracking Software for Employers?

COVID-Safe by Sentrient has a complete feature set of online COVID-19 tracking features that allows you to record and report on COVID-19 vaccinations, record and report on COVID-19 testing, deliver online courses for COVID-19 Safety at Work, assign and track completion of your COVID-19 policies and procedures, conduct COVID-19 surveys, and be prepared for COVID-19 reporting for board and audit reports. COVID-Safe by Sentrient is a fully featured COVID-19 employee tracking software that will help you take the pain out of COVID-Compliance and will help you to create a COVID-Safe workplace.
COVID 19 Management Software

Why Is A COVID-19 Online Tracking Software
So Important?

COVID 19 tracking software by Sentrient will underpin your COVID-19 reporting obligations, regardless of the State or Territory for which your business operates. Directors have an obligation to maintain a workplace that is healthy and safe, and COVID-19 has added just another dimension to these work health and safety obligations. Pre-COVID, HR teams were at full capacity, and COVID-19 has taken the operational requirements of HR teams, and governance, risk, and compliance teams to new levels. Furthermore, COVID-19 has created a fear amongst our staff that has not been experienced in the Australian business landscape, and for that reason we need systems in place to reassure staff that you are taking all reasonable steps to comply with the ever-evolving requirements of businesses to create a COVID-Safe workplace.

COVID-19 has created the most challenging of environments for small and medium businesses, particularly in those locations that have had continued lockdowns or have experienced shutdowns of sites due to positive COVID-Cases. The next phase we are entering is a “learning to live with COVID-19” and to safeguard ourselves from unnecessary risks and health and safety breaches, we need systems in place to support Directors, and HR teams to create a COVID-19 compliance culture and to enable a COVID-Safe workplace, for our staff, and to ensure we meet the audit requirements of government regulations and auditing bodies. That is why Sentrient have created COVID-Safe by Sentrient for small and medium businesses, an online COVID employee tracking software that is simple to implement, easy to use and reliable. When a small and medium business take on the Sentrient COVID 19 employee tracking software, you can be sure to be supported at each step of the implementation process and for the life of your partnership with us, because we have a dedicated customer service team, based in Australia, who have been helping small and medium businesses just like yours for more than five years, and our purpose is to create smiles, not frowns!
COVID Tracking Software

Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccinations for SME’s

Sentrient and legal partner Mills Oakley Lawyers have prepared a guide to vaccinations for small and medium business owners and HR teams in Australia, and this is one of the many resources available when you get started with COVID-19 employee tracking software by Sentrient. Contact us today and get started with COVID-Safe by Sentrient for your business and we will guide you through implementation and help you take to create a COVID-Safe workplace and take the pain out of COVID-19 compliance.
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What Do People Say About Sentrient?

Sentrient have been supporting small and medium businesses across all industry sectors and across all States and Territories, since February 2020 when the pandemic first reached Australia, initially with our publicly available online courses to help SMEs educate their people about infection prevention and control, and COVID-Safety at Work.

“Thank you for designing a simple and easy tool for Covid and workplace safety.”

“As the director of a construction company that has been lucky enough to resume and continue working during the Covid Delta outbreak in July 2021. I'm obliged to get trained and insure my teams do as well. I highly recommend this company's online courses.”

“Being able to report on COVID-Vaccinations and keep all my records in one place for COVID-Testing and for any situations that arise at our workplace is an absolute must, thankyou for making these additional features available to us.”

“We’ve been using Sentrient for compliance since the pandemic first hit, and the latest features will continue to support us to ensure our business is COVID-Safe”

“Stumbled across this website while browsing. Glad I did and will share with others in the community, and professionally. We are fortunate here in FNQ and we need to be more responsible for our actions.”

“Sentrient have been going over and above since the pandemic first hit, and this is just another example of an Australian company making a big difference to SMEs and the community.”

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