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Performance Management System
Australia and New Zealand

​The Sentrient online employee performance management system is the most simple to implement, easy to use and reliable performance management software for small and medium businesses and larger organisations in Australia and New Zealand. It allows you to run performance reviews, staff and manager ratings, 360-degree feedback, individual performance plans, goal setting, learning and development plans, feedback and recognition, employee engagement surveys, and regular health and wellbeing checks across your organisation. The performance management system and employee engagement platform help you to build trust, drive engagement and improve productivity across your whole organisation in a way that makes everyone feel part of your success.
Employee Performance Management

    Your Sentrient online performance management system will streamline the performance appraisal process and encourage people to have the right conversations at the right time.
    • Set expectations
    • Have the right conversations
    • Have a record of performance
    • Get timely feedback
    • Know where you stand
    • Establish improvement goals
    Get clear on performance, have honest conversations and set goals where they matter most.
    Your Sentrient online performance management system will allow you to collect and report feedback that helps everyone work on becoming a better version of themselves.
    • Streamline performance appraisals
    • Personalised communication
    • Collect feedback beyond managers
    • Reports that display real insights
    • Clearly defined goals
    • Feedback when you need it most
    Align individual, team and organisational goals so that everyone feels part of your success.
    Your Sentrient online performance management system provides visibility of facts and feedback that enables everyone to improve their performance and productivity..
    • Establish the facts
    • Set improvement goals
    • Request support including learning
    • Build development plans
    • Create a performance culture
    • Retain your best people
    Improve employee productivity and create a performance culture that reduces employee turnover.

What online performance and engagement tools are included in the Sentrient online performance management system?

Why are online performance appraisal systems and employee engagement surveys so important?

Performance Management System

An effective appraisal and performance management process can have a significant impact on an organisation’s culture, staff morale and employee engagement levels. This builds trust, drives engagement and enhances your employer brand. It also supports the retention of key talent within your organisation and contributes to a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace. Regardless of your approach to performance appraisals, having a strategic performance management system in place will provide you with a clear structure, consistent approach and transparency of performance across the whole organisation. This allows you to set performance expectations, collect feedback and to gain insights about performance at an individual, team and group level. Having appraisal conversations with employees can help to improve the bottom line by aligning individual performance with business objectives. It also supports the creation of a more people-focused culture and a workplace in which your best employees will want to stay, progress and share in your success.

What do people say about the Sentrient online employee performance management system?

“We’ve tried a couple of performance management systems with very little uptake and now that Sentrient has made it really simple and easy to use, we have the confidence to give it another whirl!”

“We are looking forward to moving beyond compliance and into employee engagement using the Sentrient online performance system and really love the way that individual, manager and 360-degree ratings work together to give us the full picture of performance!”

“Sentrient has always been a reliable compliance system and we’re looking forward to onboarding the performance management system and also some of the employee engagement tools!”

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