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Learning Management System
Australia and New Zealand


​The Sentrient online learning management system is the most simple to implement, easy to use and reliable learning and knowledgebase management software for small and medium businesses and larger organisations in Australia and New Zealand. It allows you to deliver online and blended learning programs, manage internal and external learning, support accreditation, compliance, and professional development, deliver online assessments, create surveys that enable you to collect and respond to feedback, create your own informal and formal learning content. The learning management system and knowledge base sharing software helps you to direct learning, share knowledge and improve performance across your whole organisation and creates a safe place for people to learn new things.
Learning Management System

    Your Sentrient online learning management system will allow you to direct learning in support of accreditation, compliance and professional development.
    • Create learning
    • Build assessments
    • Monitor progress
    • Receive feedback
    • Manage learning events
    • Enable professional development
    Direct learning to individuals, teams and across your whole organisation.
    Your Sentrient online learning management system will allow you to create and publish content for individuals and teams in a way that encourages knowledge sharing.
    • Create informal learning
    • Control who sees what
    • Build a knowledge base
    • Drive continuous learning
    • Encourage others to share ideas
    • Enable customised content
    Enable knowledge to be shared in a safe place that encourages ideas and collaboration.
    Your Sentrient online learning management system can align learning to capability frameworks and progression plans and helps you to improve performance..
    • Enable continuous improvement
    • Align learning to competencies
    • Help build capability
    • Support progression plans
    • Create a learning culture
    • Bring out the best in your people
    Improve employee performance and create a learning culture that drives engagement.

What learning management tools are included in the Sentrient online learning management system?

Why are online learning systems and knowledge management software so important?

An effective learning management system can have a significant impact on an organisation’s learning culture, capability development and performance levels. This encourages idea sharing, curiosity, and a thirst for continuous improvement. It also helps you to bring out the best in your people and create a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for learning new things. Regardless of your approach to learning, having a strategic learning management system and knowledge management software in place will provide you with an organised, consistent and engaging way for people to learn across the whole organisation. This allows you to set learning plans, conduct assessments, collect feedback and to support accreditation, compliance and professional development at an individual, team and group level. Having learning conversations with employees can help to improve the bottom line by aligning individual learning objectives with performance outcomes. It also supports the creation of a learning culture and a workplace in which your best employees will want to share information and help themselves and others to be the best they can be.

What do people say about the Sentrient online learning system and knowledge management software?

“We’ve looked at a few LMS platforms and found that Sentrient is the simplest and easiest one for us to create and assign learning.”

“The Sentrient compliance system gave us the ability to create our own courses and now the new knowledge base tool is going to take us to the next level with information sharing and informal learning.”

“Managing internal events and external training programs have always been a bit tricky and now the event management tool makes things so much easier for us to be organised.”

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