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Survey Management Software
Australia and New Zealand

The Sentrient online learning management system and survey management software allows you to create and manage employee surveys in real-time. It comes with automated notifications when a survey is allocated to employees to ensure no miss-out. It allows you to manage various surveys such as for gathering information related to a course, learning and development survey, health and wellbeing survey, safety and culture survey, engagement survey, etc. The survey management software includes workflows that enable employees, managers, and administrators to easily allocate surveys to staff and forms an important part of your learning and development framework.

    The Sentrient survey management software enables staff to add new surveys and customise them accordingly.
    • Create your surveys
    • Select from question types
    • Conversational user interface
    • Easy and intuitive
    • View surveys 24 x 7
    • Highly engaging
    Customised surveys allow managers and administrators to add new and important surveys online.
    The Sentrient survey management software has an automated preview option that enables managers to view questions before publishing them on surveys.
    • Reduces errors
    • Easy updates
    • Fewer efforts required
    • Systematic workflows
    • Saves time
    • Better surveys
    Real-time survey preview is important for eliminating errors and improving the quality of surveys.
    The Sentrient survey management software includes workflows to allocate appropriate staff to surveys..
    • Reduce irrelevant surveys
    • Improve feedback
    • Easy to allocate staff
    • Department-wise allocation
    • Location-wise allocation
    • Select from employee groups
    Appropriate staff allocation is an integral part of conducting surveys.

What questions can be maintained in the Sentrient online survey management software?

Why is survey management software so important?

An effective online survey management system can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to stay on top of its learning and skill development requirements. This makes it easy for employees, managers, and directors to understand what changes need to be made to current business processes and the status of compliance at any point in time. It also empowers employees and their managers to act when courses are to be added and help organise staff allocation and minimise the risk of breaches in safety and unlawful business practises. Regardless of your approach to survey management, having an online survey management system in place will provide you with a clear structure, consistent approach, and transparency of the status of all surveys being conducted across the whole organisation. This allows you to add new surveys, preview them in real-time, and allocate appropriate staff. Enabling online survey management for your staff can create a more efficient approach to adding and conducting surveys on an ongoing basis as compared to paper-based questionnaires. It also supports the creation of a more employee-focused culture and a workplace in which your managers are keen on getting feedback from their teams.

What do people say about the Sentrient online survey management software?

“Sentrient has made conducting organisation-wide surveys a cakewalk for us.”

“The automated pathways always help us with appropriate staff allocation for the surveys.”

“Our administrators have enjoyed adding and managing surveys at the click of a button!”

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