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Best Online HRIS System
Australia and New Zealand


​The Sentrient online human resource information system is the best HRIS software solution for small and medium businesses and larger organisations. As a human resource management system for small and medium business, it is an all-in-one online HRIS system that is simple to implement, easy to use and integrates with popular payroll systems such as Xero and MYOB. As an HRIS management solution for larger businesses you will find the Sentrient HRIS system to be a breath of fresh air, because we have removed all the complexity associated with legacy HRIS platforms whilst still delivering all the important features of online recruitment, onboarding, leave compliance, learning and performance management modules.
Employee Management System
Regardless of the size of your business, where you are located or industry you operate in, the Sentrient HRM software can be adapted to meet your organisational human resources, quality, governance, risk and compliance requirements. What makes the Sentrient HRIS software unique is that it is easy for your staff and managers to interact with, making the day-to-day HR activities easy to address, such as updating staff details, applying and approving leave, and understanding where things are at with regards to compliance, learning and performance. That is why Sentrient is recognised as the best HRIS system for small companies, medium companies and large companies. The Sentrient HRM solution is suitable for not-for-profits, industry associations, education institutes, government departments, privately run companies of all sizes, and publicly listed companies because our HRIS system is a reliable and scalable cloud-based all-in-one human resource information system.

    All-in-one human resource information system that is cloud-based, fully supported and scalable to meet the growing needs of your business.
    • Staff, manager and administrator access
    • User-friendly dashboards
    • Ready-made reports
    • Clear workflows
    • Automated notifications and reminders
    • Intuitive for first-time users
    Best HRIS system for small and medium companies, medium companies and large companies.
    Easy to use online human resource management system that delivers all the benefits of traditional HRM software and multi-module HR systems, without the complexity.
    • Staff, manager and administration access
    • User-friendly dashboards
    • Ready-made reports
    • Clear workflows
    • Automated notifications and reminders
    • Intuitive for first-time users
    Best customer service so that you can maximise the use of your online workforce management software platform and make it easy for your managers and their teams.
    Results-focused HRIS system that provides all-in-one employee engagement for the full employee human resources life cycle, including all important HR activities and interactions..
    • Streamlines recruitment
    • Delivers paperless onboarding
    • Enables leave management
    • Drives compliance
    • Supports learning and development
    • Underpins performance management
    Best ROI for an online HRIS software platform that is aligned with the functional requirements of your human resources department.

What online modules are included in the Sentrient HRIS platform?

Time Management System

Bringing the human resources employee
lifecycle to life!

At Sentrient we bring the human resources employee lifecycle to life by making it easy for your staff and their managers to get the day-to-day HR activities and interactions sorted out in real-time and recorded in your all-in-one human resource management platform. Yes, having a remarkable human resource information system solution is important, but that is just the start. At Sentrient we focus on outstanding support for our clients so that your HRIS platform is one you connect a positive experience with. In other words, we measure smiles for staff, managers and administrators alike, because no one likes clunky HRM systems! In saying that, we realise that sometimes HRIS software can have a glitch or two, and when that happens we will be here to rectify the situation in real-time and do it in a stress-free and organised manner. That is because we want you to smile, not to frown! Having the best HRIS system for small and medium business and larger companies is what drives us. However, moving beyond the best HRM software is our relentless endeavour to provide great customer service with a smile. Every member of the Sentrient team is focused on delivering an HRIS solution that is fast, easy and effective!

What do people say about the Sentrient human resource information system?

“Last year we had 20 staff, and we are now at 50, growing to 100 or more within the next 6-months. I don’t know how we would do it without the help of the Sentrient HRIS system!”

“The Sentrient HRIS is one of the best HRIS systems​ for the small business I have seen here in Australia!”

“We were in the market for nearly 12 months to try and find something that met the needs of our business, and along came Sentrient with a wonderful HRM solution that seemed to fill all our gaps!”

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