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Timesheet Management Software
Australia and New Zealand

The Sentrient online timesheet management software is a data table that an employer can use to majorly track the duration of service of an employee who has worked during a certain period and much more. Our timesheets will play a key role in your work management. For instance; record time spent on tasks, projects, or clients, tracking billable time to charge your customers, calculating staff payroll and other miscellaneous expenses. Different methods have been used to record timesheets, such as paper, spreadsheet software, and online time-tracking software. Paper-based timesheets have now given way to the digital formats.

    Your Sentrient Online Timesheet Management Software is a consistent time tracking software that's simple to use, records accurate timesheets, and check staff attendance in real-time.
    • Record Hours
    • Employee attendance
    • Verify timesheets
    • Approval
    • Import Document
    • Export document if required
    • Automated salary calculation
    We believe that effective timesheet management offers advantages to the company itself but majorly beneficial for the employees.
    Your Sentrient Online Timesheet Management Software allows you to create a basic report based on your team’s timesheets, you need to access their logged hours. So, you’ll be able to create reports using your employees’ tracked time data.
    • Use a report template
    • Create a custom analysis
    • Easy to feed data
    • Source employees working hours
    • Structured analysis
    • Self-service
    There is virtually no limit to what can be done and analysed in our system.
    Your Sentrient Online Timesheet Management Software allows you to access the real-time dashboard which contains visualizations that are automatically updated with the most current data available in the system. .
    • Appealing visuals
    • Track emerging trends
    • Source operational data
    • Monitor productivity
    • Collate information
    • Easy to assess
    • Records recent data
    Regardless of whether you have 15 or 150 people on board, you’ll get to use the efficient real-time dashboards to your advantage.

What are the significant features in the Sentrient online Timesheet Management Software?

Why is Timesheet Management Software so important?

An operative online People Management System can have an extensive impact on an organisation’s ability to stay on top of its HR requirements. People Management through Sentrient will indisputably be easy to use. This makes it easy for employees, managers, and directors to understand what information needs to be updated, maintained, and cross-check the status of projects and tasks, and much more. It also empowers administrators to access information as and when required. Having an online Timesheet Management Software in place will provide you with a clear structure, consistent approach, and transparency of the status of all employees in the whole organisation. This allows you to add and renew information, manage new hires, and gain real-time reporting for the HR process. Enabling online Timesheet Management Software for HR purposes can create a more efficient approach to adding and updating information and on an ongoing basis thereafter. It also supports the creation of a more employee-focused culture and a workplace in which your managers are responsible for the maintenance of employee information for their teams.

What do people say about the Sentrient online Timesheet Management Software?

“The Sentrient Online HR system includes efficient recruitment, onboarding, employee records management, applicant tracking system, timesheet, leave requests, and much more, this self-service functionality has increased productivity among our Managers.”

“We maintain all of our employee documents in Sentrient and the software made it easier for our Managers to work out who can access the required documents precisely.”

“The Sentrient Online software is not tedious; our Managers could simply create and edit all the major tools and it also comes with essential integrations.”

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