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Employee Performance Review System
Australia and New Zealand

The Sentrient online performance management system allows you to manage feedback and ratings from as many people as you like. You can request online performance feedback and ratings from other team members, colleagues from other teams, direct and indirect managers, senior managers and leaders, and key stakeholders. Ratings are made visible to only those involved in the process and workflows are in place to let everyone know what is required and by when. You may choose to use the same or different templates depending on the audience that is reviewing a person.
Employee Performance Management ​This provides a heightened level of sophistication to the performance review process and may include 360-degree reviews, pre-assessment for learning and development plans, pre-assessment for leadership and development programs, or to get a start point for performance improvement plans. Many organisations will use a one-step performance appraisal process of the staff member to direct manager, however, if you require a more detailed approach to performance management then you will want to use the multiple review performance feedback and rating functionality.

    The Sentrient performance management software allows you to get performance feedback and ratings from other staff, direct and indirect managers and key stakeholders.
    • Multi-layer approach to performance
    • Team member
    • A colleague from another team
    • Direct manager
    • Indirect manager, project manager or coach
    • Other stakeholders
    Get feedback and ratings from multiple stakeholders to provide you with a more detailed understanding of overall performance.
    The Sentrient performance management software enables you to align feedback to individual performance goals across all areas of development for an individual.
    • 360-degree reviews
    • Behavioural goals
    • Leadership and development programs
    • Learning and development plans
    • Career development
    • Performance improvement plans
    Align feedback to all areas of development, to ensure performance goals move beyond task goals and enable values-driven goals.
    The Sentrient performance management software enables you to run a simple staff to direct manager review or more detailed reviews of performance from multi-stakeholders..
    • Compare performance from different stakeholders
    • Get the full picture of performance
    • Uncover conduct in your blind spot
    • Understand cultural fit
    • Ensure the right values are being displayed
    Ready-made reports can be customised to meet your individual, group and organisational performance reporting.

What type of online feedback and ratings can be carried out in the Sentrient online performance review system?

Why is multiple feedback and ratings an important feature of performance management software?

Employee Performance Management System

​An effective online performance management system allows you to get feedback from direct managers as well as other team members, managers, leaders and stakeholders across the business. This provides you with a more flexible approach to understanding the performance of an individual beyond their day to day tasks. It can add more depth to your performance review process and help you make informed decisions before investing in learning and development, leadership programs, career progression and promotions. The use of 360-degree review can also help people understand their blind spots when dealing with others in their team, cross-functional teams and with external stakeholders including customers, suppliers and the general public. The obtainment of multiple reviews, when managed appropriately, will ensure better quality performance conversations and help everyone understand the strengths and opportunities of themselves and others and support you to build a high trust organisation.

What do people say about the Sentrient online feedback and rating system?

“It is really easy to add one or more people to the review process.”

“We have built simpler performance feedback reports for getting ratings beyond the direct manager.”

“The feedback and rating templates we built for managing projects are a great way to capture lessons learned!”

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