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Online 360 Degree Feedback and Reviews
Australia and New Zealand

The Sentrient online performance management system comes with an online self-evaluation and 360 degree feedback and review module which enables you to get feedback from individuals and their colleagues, supervisors, managers, and other stakeholders. This allows you to get a full picture of employee performance, beyond what you will get from a standard performance review process. This can be used to promote culture change, achieve a business strategy, enhance individual and team effectiveness, improve engagement and build a high trust organisation.

    The Sentrient online 360 degree feedback and performance review software allow you to undertake self-evaluation prior to a 360 degree review process starting.
    • Use knowledge base to provide instructions
    • Assign self-evaluation assessment
    • Integrate online and offline conversations
    • Explain the 360 degree process
    • Understand who will be involved
    • Get deeper insights into performance
    Starting with a self-evaluation, individuals are engaged in the 360 degree feedback and review process from start to end.
    The Sentrient online 360 degree feedback and performance review system makes it easy to get 360 degree feedback from multiple stakeholders across your organisation.
    • Assign 360-degree reviews
    • Automated workflows to notify those involved
    • Reminder notifications in place
    • Provide feedback to individuals
    • Make additional notes on performance
    • Integrate feedback through goal setting
    Get anonymous feedback and review from multiple stakeholders to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.
    The Sentrient online 360 degree feedback and performance review tool delivers valuable performance review metrics and insights for individuals and teams..
    • View individual feedback
    • View 360 degree summary
    • Compare self-evaluation with 360 degree feedback
    • Identify gaps
    • Understand performance
    • Encourage improvement
    Gain valuable insights to drive performance, increase engagement and build a high trust organisation.

Key features of the Sentrient online 360 feedback and review system?

Why is 360 degree feedback and reviews an important part of your performance management software?

An effective online performance management system allows you to get self-evaluations from an individual as well as feedback from other team members, managers, leaders and stakeholders across the business. This provides a powerful tool to help individuals develop and grow if the reviews are clear and constructive, and you have support in place to help people integrate the feedback they get. The 360 degree feedback process helps uncover blind spots, reinforce positive behaviours and calls out strengths and opportunities for improvement and career progression. It helps people understand what others see and can realign their behaviour and actions based on constructive feedback they receive from multiple stakeholders. This 360 review process can do amazing things for individuals and the team if people conduct themselves in a way that is courageous and kind.

What do people say about the Sentrient online 360 degree feedback and review system?

“We love the way the Sentrient performance management module works.”

“We have not undertaken a 360 degree review before, but it is nice to know we can if we want to.”

“Thanks to the team at Sentrient, the 360 degree feedback feature rounds of an excellent online performance management system!”

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