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Recruitment Management System
Australia and New Zealand


​The Sentrient online recruitment management system is the most simple to implement, easy to use and reliable recruitment software for small and medium businesses and larger organisations in Australia and New Zealand. It provides a simple approach to capture candidate information, comes with ready-made workflows and provides you with an easy way to communicate throughout the recruitment process. The recruitment management software helps you to automate candidate data capture, streamline your recruitment process and provide a better hiring experience for everyone involved.

    Your Sentrient online recruitment management system will allow you to communicate what information you need from candidates and automate the collection of data.
    • Simple to use
    • Easily accessible
    • Collect candidate data online
    • Allow personalised communication
    • Reduce administration time
    • Promote your value proposition
    Reduce paperwork and save time for everyone involved in the recruitment process.
    Your Sentrient online recruitment management system will allow you to deliver a controlled and consistent hiring process from start to end.
    • Control job approvals
    • Deliver a consistent hiring process
    • Ready-made workflow
    • Keep candidates up to date
    • Real-time reporting
    • Save time along the way
    Ready-made workflows to deliver a consistent recruitment process and make it easy for candidates.
    Your Sentrient online recruitment management system will allow you to deliver a professional hiring experience and enable you to attract the best talent..
    • Attract the best talent
    • Make better hiring decisions
    • Reduce time to hire
    • Reduce cost to hire
    • Increase candidate engagement
    • Meet your compliance obligations
    Make better hiring decisions and attract the right people to join your organisation.

What recruitment tools are included in the Sentrient online recruitment system?

Why are candidate management systems and recruitment software so important?


An engaging recruitment process can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to attract the right people to join their organisation. Being able to promote your employee value proposition and deliver a professional hiring process for your candidates sets the expectation right from the first contact that you are business worthy of the best talent in the market. It also helps you reinforce to candidates that you are the type of organisation they want to be a part of and that you have a workplace culture that is a safe, inclusive and respectful, and understands that technology plays a part in making things easier.

Regardless of your approach to hiring people, having a centralised recruitment management system in place will provide you with a controlled, consistent, and engaging way for people to get to know your business. This allows you to collect personal details, work history, interview notes, reference checks and contracts online. Once you have decided to employ someone you can convert them straight to onboarding via the Sentrient induction and onboarding management system. This allows you to streamline the recruitment, induction and onboarding experience in a way that saves double-ups and creates a smooth process for your new hires.

What do people say about the Sentrient online induction system and onboarding software?

“We’ve previously collected information about staff via records management in the Sentrient compliance module. Now we can to do this through an integrated recruitment, induction and onboarding process, which is great.”

“I really like the way you can send a link to a candidate and it makes it easy for them to fill in the information and upload the necessary documentation, in a simple, easy and pain freeway.”

“We’ve always loved using the Sentrient workplace compliance system and to now have the opportunity to bring everything online in one spot is very exciting.”

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