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The Safeguard by Sentrient workplace compliance system includes a suite of compliance courses that are  legally compliant and kept up to date with legislation for all States and Territories in Australia.

The online compliance training program includes workplace compliance courses such as work health and safety (WHS), privacy, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, equal employment opportunity (EEO) and the appropriate use of internet and social media.

Each of the compliance courses are suitable for all of your employees, contractors and volunteers.

Whilst nobody really likes doing workplace compliance training, you can rest assured that you are making everyones life a little easier because all of the compliance courses are simple to navigate, easy to understand and can be completed in about 15-20 minutes per topic. When compared to traditional online compliance training in Australia, which typically takes between 45-60 minutes per topic, this is a massive 67% time saving! Yes, your people will be relieved to find they have a slightly less painful experience. Your HR team will love the ease of roll out.

Your CFO will love the cost saving. Last but not least, your CEO will sleep better at night knowing that the business is meeting its legal obligations for workplace relations and safety compliance training. Finally and most importantly, you will be sending a clear message to your people that everyone must contribute to a safer, fairer and better place to work!


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