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Online Compliance Training Courses
Australia and New Zealand

​The Sentrient online compliance training program provides you with a set of legally compliant training courses that are kept up to date with legislation for all States and Territories in Australia. The compliance training program includes online compliance courses for work health and safety, privacy, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, equal employment opportunity, and the appropriate use of the Internet and social media. The online compliance courses are simple to use, easy to understand and reliable. The courses can be completed in 15-20 minutes per topic and are suitable for your employees, contractors, and volunteers. You will also find that the compliance training is applicable for all industry sectors, types of business, and all job roles, including executives, managers, and employees.

Online Compliance Training Courses
Who do we help?

When you partner with Sentrient you are joining a community of like-minded professionals from some of Australia’s most highly regarded organisations, all whom share a vision for creating safe, inclusive, and respectful workplaces that build trust and allow everyone to be the best they can be!

Why is workplace compliance training important?


Workplace compliance is becoming increasingly complex, particularly when it comes to the physical and social safety of our people at work. Surveys conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission and the recent national inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces have found that bullying, harassment, and discrimination continue to be serious problems. Unfortunately, 70% of Australian businesses do not have a reliable and repeatable compliance training program to help their people identify, report and resolve incidents for things like safety, privacy, bullying, harassment, and discrimination. As a result, engagement surveys, exit interviews, and lost time injury reports all point to a massive shift in absenteeism, staff turnover, lost productivity, decreased engagement and mental health issues. Furthermore, the absence of appropriate workplace compliance training is against the law. Failure to deliver reliable training to new starters and on an ongoing basis for everyone, regardless of the size of your business, can lead to significant claims for legal liability, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, lost time spent in investigations, mediation, and legal proceedings, lost revenue, destruction of shareholder value and irreparable reputational damage.


    The cost of work-related injury and illness for Australian employers, workers and the community is more than $60 billion each year.


    30% of people have experienced some form of Bullying behaviour in the Australian workplace


    Breaches of the Work Health and Safety Act can cost up to $3.0m


    1 in 3 women has experienced sexual harassment in Australian workplaces.


    Online discrimination, sexual harassment and cyberbullying are all serious issues in the Australian workplace.


    Breaches of the Privacy Act can cost up to $1.7m


Benefits of workplace compliance training

The Sentrient workplace compliance courses allow you to educate your people about how they contribute to a safe, inclusive, and respectful workplace. The online compliance courses can be delivered to new starters and to your existing team as an ongoing reminder of what is expected when it comes to appropriate behaviour at work. Being able to deliver your workplace compliance training via the Sentrient online compliance courses is a simple way to assign learning and an easy way for your team to complete the training at a time that suits them. You can be sure of a consistent message across the whole organisation. It also allows you to meet your legal obligations for workplace compliance training and to know who has done what at any point in time. Adopting online compliance training as part of your workplace relations and safety program will also make you three times more likely to build a high-trust organisation. The online compliance training provided by Sentrient is aligned with important initiatives such as workplace gender equality and has a focus on human rights. The online compliance courses also present a clear vision for a safe workplace that is free from bullying, harassment, and discrimination. Combined with your existing workplace policies, the Sentrient online compliance courses will enable you to take all reasonable steps to create a workplace that is safe, inclusive, and respectful for everyone!

We take the pain out of compliance training

Sentrient is the fastest-growing online compliance training provider in Australia. That is because we take the pain out of compliance training by providing online compliance courses that are short, sharp and to the point. Let’s face it, nobody really likes doing workplace compliance training. We all know that legacy compliance training regimes have taken too long, have been too complicated and do not allow the learner to relate to the material. This approach to compliance training has resulted in low engagement, low completion rates and, in some cases, resistance to an organisation's overall workplace relations and safety program. In other words, most compliance training sucks and does more harm than good. At Sentrient, our results speak for themselves, with a reported time saving of up to 67% and average completion rates that are up to 220% higher than the industry average. Our online compliance courses can be deployed through the Sentrient online workplace compliance system, through your existing Learning Management System (LMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS). When compared to traditional eLearning compliance programs, Sentrient is consistently the training provider of choice. The quality of our compliance courses is just the beginning!

Australia’s most reliable compliance training

​The Sentrient is a legally compliant eLearning courses that are regarded as Australia’s most reliable compliance training program by HR practitioners and senior executives across hundreds of small and medium businesses and larger organisations in Australia. The compliance training program includes topics such as work health and safety, privacy, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, equal employment opportunity and the appropriate use of the Internet and social media. We can also help you source appropriate compliance training beyond HR compliance for specific requirements you may have for your industry through partnerships with various online compliance training providers. We can also help you build your own customised online learning courses for online inductions and for other compliance training obligations that are specific to your organisation.​

Sentrient workplace compliance courses are effective tools to be integrated with your learning management system (LMS). They are legally endorsed, and help learners have important insights about the behaviour and practices they must follow at the workplace and what actions to take when faced with incidents. Organisations of all sizes and belonging to various industries can benefit from our online workplace compliance courses. HR managers, physicians, parents, federal contractors, schools, teachers, churches, solicitors, estate agents, compliance officers, bank employees, law firms, healthcare staff, non-profit organisations, financial institutions, small businesses, employees, executives, senior management, board of directors, etc. can all be imparted with these courses.

​Our courses can also help you establish a safe and inclusive workplace culture that makes all your employees feel valued and respected. Businesses and professionals across industries in Australia and New Zealand have grown successfully while implementing our courses. Sentrient helps ensure businesses thrive and avoid the risk of non-compliance.

What people say about our compliance courses

HR professionals and people and culture experts recommend the Sentrient online compliance courses because it is a compliance training solution that enables your CEO to make people feel safe, your CFO to reduce the risk of non-compliance, and enables the HR team to let everyone know that they are responsible for contributing to a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace.

“We wanted to educate our employees and reinforce the expectation around appropriate workplace behaviours, and the Sentrient content allows us to do this in a rigorous and sustainable way that also helps address our workplace relations risk.”

Chris Trinquard
Former Group HR Manager at Oliver Hume

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