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Onboarding Management System
Australia and New Zealand


The Sentrient online onboarding management system is the most simple to implement, easy to use and reliable induction and onboarding software for small and medium businesses and larger organisations in Australia and New Zealand. It provides a simple approach to capture onboarding information and employee records, comes with ready-made workflows and provides you with an easy way to communicate with everyone involved in the induction and onboarding process. The induction and onboarding management software helps you to reduce paperwork, organise employee data and makes the onboarding experience that little bit easier for everyone involved.

    Your Sentrient online induction and onboarding system will allow you to reduce paperwork as you transition new hires from recruitment to induction and onboarding.
    • Integrate recruitment information
    • Collect employee data online
    • Avoid double-ups
    • Minimise data errors
    • Reduce administration time
    • Increase employee engagement
    Reduce paperwork and save time for your new hires and everyone involved in the onboarding process.
    Your Sentrient online induction system and onboarding software will allow you to collect, maintain and report on all important information for the complete employee lifecycle.
    • One location for employee data
    • Easily accessible
    • Ready-made workflow
    • Personalised communication
    • Easy to maintain information
    • Keep staff up to date
    Single reference point for all your employee data that is easily accessible and user friendly.
    Your Sentrient online induction system and onboarding software will allow you to integrate employee data that you colled during recruitment, induction and onboarding..
    • Consistent approach
    • Smooth transition for new hires
    • Provide clear instructions
    • Follow up made easy
    • Meet compliance obligations
    • Ready-made reports
    Deliver a consistent approach to onboarding and help make it a smooth transition for new hires.

What onboarding tools are included in the Sentrient online induction system and onboarding software?

Why are online induction systems and onboarding software so important?

An effective induction and onboarding management system can have a significant impact on an organisation’s onboarding process, employee engagement and productivity of a new starter. Making onboarding easy sets the tone for your organisation and makes things clear from day one that the HR team are here to make things easier for everyone. It also helps you to reinforce to your new starters that they have made the right decision by joining your business and that you have a workplace culture that is a safe, inclusive and respectful, and is underpinned by a professional and friendly HR team. Regardless of your approach to induction and onboarding, having a centralised onboarding management system in place will provide you with a consistent, pain-free and engaging way for people to get to know your organisation.

​This allows you to collect personal details, employee details, emergency contacts, banking, superannuation, tax, visa, medical, education, work history and make other notes about your new starters, and take it all online. When combined with the Sentrient workplace compliance system, it also helps you assign induction training, legally endorsed workplace compliance courses, manage compliance records and ensure sign off for mandatory workplace policies and procedures. This allows you to collect all the necessary employee data, organise it online, and ensure your compliance, accreditation and employee induction requirements are met in a way that makes everyone’s life a little bit easier during the onboarding process.

What do people say about the Sentrient online induction system and onboarding software?

“We’ve used a few different online HR systems before and what is most appealing about the Sentrient induction and onboarding modules is that they are really easy to use for our staff and their managers.”

“What I like about the Sentrient HR system is that it gives you the things you need and avoids the complexity of unnecessary detail. This makes it so much easier for staff and managers to engage with it on a day to day.”

“Combined with the Sentrient workplace compliance system this is one of the most thorough, yet intuitive and easy to use platforms for meeting our onboarding and compliance obligations, making accreditation a breeze!”

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