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Compliance Management System
Australia and New Zealand

​Simple, easy & affordable - online compliance solution for australian businesses

Workplace Compliance System


​The Sentrient online workplace compliance management system and online compliance solution are the most simple to implement, easy to use and reliable compliance management software for small and medium businesses and larger organisations in Australia and New Zealand. It is affordable and can be deployed in minutes, without any of the stress associated with complex system configurations. It comes pre-loaded with legally endorsed workplace compliance training, an online course and workplace policy builder, HR policy and procedure templates, records management feature, incident reporting, breach register and whistleblowing, compliance and safety culture survey tool, and ready-made reports for audit purposes. This makes it easier for you to do the right thing and protect your business from the ever-increasing cost associated with breaches in safety, invasion of privacy, acts of fraud, cybersecurity threats, data breach, inappropriate action against whistleblowers, workplace incidents such as bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination, and social safety issues such as mental health and wellbeing.

    Your Sentrient online workplace compliance management and incident reporting system can be deployed in just minutes, without any of the stress associated with complex system configurations.
    • Set up in minutes
    • Your own branding
    • Integrate or upload staff data
    • User-friendly dashboards
    • Ready-made reports
    • We help you get started
    We help your HR team take inductions and workplace compliance online.
    Your Sentrient online workplace compliance management and incident reporting system makes it easy for your people to complete mandatory compliance training, policy and records requirements.
    • Easy to access online
    • Customised email notifications
    • Automated reminders and alerts
    • Self-service records management
    • Incident reporting and response
    • We help you achieve compliance
    Two in three businesses achieve 93% compliance within 45-days, and the others are not far behind.
    Your Sentrient online workplace compliance management and incident reporting system allow you to meet your accreditation, compliance and audit reporting requirements..
    • Hosted in Australia
    • Built with privacy in mind
    • Secure cloud-based solution
    • Available 24 x 7 on all devices
    • Ready-made reports for audit
    • We help when you need it
    Compliance software that does what it says it will do and is backed up by responsive customer service.

What online compliance management tools are included in the Sentrient workplace compliance management system?

Workplace Compliance Courses

Why are workplace compliance systems and incident reporting software so important?

Compliance Reporting System

Online workplace compliance management systems and incident reporting software can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to manage their workplace relations and safety program and help you to address your quality, governance, risk and compliance obligations. Being able to report on your overall compliance, including induction and compliance training, workplace policy sign off, and compliance records are an important part of every organisation. Furthermore, being able to have all compliance records stored in one central location and with easy to use real-time reporting will make your audit, accreditation, compliance and board reporting all that easier. Having a reliable workplace compliance management system in place also helps safeguard you from claims for legal liability because you are able to demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps to train your people, that you have up to date policies in place and that people have read and understood them, and that you have ensured all necessary compliance records have been validated and on file. This includes first aid certificates, police checks, visa checks, working with children checks, white cards and any other regulatory requirement that may relate to your industry sector and your employees, contractors and volunteers. Regardless of your approach to workplace compliance, having a centralised workplace compliance system and incident reporting software in place will make it clear to your people that you expect a workplace culture that is a safe, inclusive and respectful. It also encourages people to identify, report and resolve issues as they arise in the workplace. Effective compliance management and incident reporting system makes it easier for you to do the right thing and protect your business from claims for legal liability.

Compliance Policies

Find out more about the features of the Sentrient online workplace compliance management system

The Sentrient online workplace compliance system is used by hundreds of organisations, tens of thousands of people and across all industry sectors, supporting small and medium businesses and larger organisations in Australia and New Zealand to manage their audit, accreditation, compliance and governance requirements. Unlike legacy compliance regimes, we explain some of the features that make Sentrient the most reliable online workplace compliance system available in Australia and New Zealand.

What do people say about the Sentrient online workplace compliance management system and incident reporting software?

“We wanted to educate our employees and reinforce the expectation around appropriate workplace behaviours, and the Sentrient LMS and content allows us to do this in a rigorous and sustainable way that also helps address our workplace relations risk."

“Sentrient has been the best customer service experience I’ve had in a long time. The team are agile and flexible in their approach. They are always open to our feedback, and seeking opportunities to improve the user experience.”

“Health care in Australia is undergoing a generational change, initiatives like my aged care and NDIS are driving higher compliance and accreditation standards. For our organisation to drive change and mitigate compliance risk, I need a reliable tool to share essential information with my team and to provide us with evidence that everyone has received and understood. Sentrient provides this evidence-based tool, and saves money on our previous approach.”

“Like other Tier 1 Registered Community Housing Providers, we have our registration reviewed on a periodic basis. “Having a reliable workplace compliance management system in place is a helpful piece of evidence for us to provide to the regulator as part of our registration renewal process.”

​“I definitely have to say that the customer service experience with Sentrient has been exceptional. The team is quick to respond, and are available to resolve issues in real-time. We use lots of different systems for lots of different things, Sentrient is the easiest system for us to use and has by far the best level of service. It has been a great experience.”

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