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Knowledge Management System
Australia and New Zealand

The Sentrient online learning management system allows you to use your businesses' institutional knowledge in a measurable format through knowledge management software. This information management solutions allow successful strategies to be transferred and replicated throughout an organisation. Sharing of information can be inwardly focused on faster learning, new knowledge creation, and innovation or directed outwardly, providing a self-guided service path for employees.

    Your Sentrient online knowledge management system tool allows you to juggle between the subtle ‘Classic Layout’ and the contemporary ‘Modern Layout’.
    • Easily changeable
    • Easily trackable
    • An effective tool for maintenance
    • Comprehensive view
    • Quick evaluation
    • Streamlines information
    • Discloses briefer information on the dashboard.
    Our key to creating a great knowledge base is by keeping it simple and user friendly.
    Your Sentrient online knowledge management system allows you to inform your fellow employees about your company's current affairs instantly.
    • Add knowledgebase
    • Select category
    • Publish date
    • Expiry date
    • Summary
    • Update content
    • Add attachments if required
    • Visibility of the knowledge base across allocated departments
    Knowledge management software makes the tasks of informing, engaging, and updating more manageable.
    Your Sentrient online knowledge management system allows you to remind, inform, and engage internal and external information with your employees..
    • Helps employees to be well informed
    • Easy access
    • Easy to navigate
    • Visually appealing
    • Search function
    • Quick references
    • Remembers your goal to inform employees
    • Transitory information
    The most common method of organizing any kind of information is with a comprehensive employee engagement method.

What kind of features are available in the Sentrient online knowledge management system?

Why is knowledge management software so important?

An effective online knowledge management system can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to stay on top of its learning requirements. This makes it easy for employees, managers, and directors to understand what information can be maintained and understand the status of the organisation's current affairs. It also empowers administrators to access knowledge management software as and when required. Regardless of your approach to this section, having an online knowledgebase in place will provide you with a clear idea, consistent approach, and transparency of the current affairs of the whole organisation. It also supports the creation of a more employee-focused culture and a workplace in which your managers are responsible for the maintenance of the knowledge base of their teams.

What do people say about Sentrient knowledge management software?

“We manage all of our records in Sentrient and its made it easy for our managers to work out who can be allocated to what projects.”

“The automated reminders and simple traffic light approach to compliance make it clear who has done what and where the gaps are.”

“The matrix report gives us visibility of the status of all courses, policies, and compliance records at the click of a button!”

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