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Performance Appraisal and Evaluation System
Australia and New Zealand

The Sentrient performance management system comes with online performance appraisals that make the performance review process easy for your staff, managers and HR team. You can build your performance review template using customisable forms that can be set up with appropriately titled sections and using different styles of questions from yes/no, multiple-choice, ratings, through to text responses. The process for creating your performance appraisal template, assigning it to staff, managers and for other reviewers is simple and intuitive, and the workflows make everyone’s life easy. The ready-made performance appraisal reports enable employees, managers and administrators to have real-time access to all performance reviews and to make additional notes and seek agreement as part of the performance review process. The online performance appraisal system forms an important part of your performance management framework and allows you to start with goal setting or a more formal review process, depending on how your HR team would like to conduct the performance review process.

Performance Management System
    The Sentrient performance management software enables you to build your performance appraisals, save them as templates and adjust them real-time at the click of a button.
    • Customised performance templates
    • Save templates for different roles
    • Easy to use form builder
    • Pre-built question bank
    • Customise rating scales
    • Manage competencies
    Create your performance review templates by using customised forms and questions.
    The Sentrient performance management software makes the performance review process simple to set up, easy to roll out, and it can be adjusted to align with your performance management requirements.
    • Set up templates for different managers
    • Pre-review response from staff
    • Integrate notes from offline performance conversations
    • Options for multiple reviewers
    • Agreement recorded between staff and their manager
    • Visibility of all activity undertaken
    Align the online and offline performance review process to your organisational requirements.
    The Sentrient performance management software includes ready-made, real-time performance reporting at the individual, group and organisational level that can be adjusted and saved as a favourite report. .
    • Staff reports
    • Manager reports
    • Administrator reports
    • Performance review summary reports
    • Goal setting reports
    • Multi review feedback reports
    Ready-made reports can be customised to meet your individual, group and organisational performance reporting.

Key features of the Sentrient online performance appraisal system?

Why is performance appraisal, performance management and performance improvement software so important?

Performance Management System

An effective online performance management system helps an organisation to move from paper-based, ad-hoc and inconsistent performance review processes to a more streamlined, consistent and deliberate approach to performance management. This makes it easy for employees, managers, and senior leaders to understand the current state of performance across an organisation and ensure that performance, learning, and performance development goals are set and maintained. Real-time reporting allows you to gain insights across the whole business and to monitor performance trends over time. It also empowers employees and their managers to integrate online and offline performance conversations including one on ones, 90-day action plans, learning and development plans, formal performance improvement plans and any other performance conversation. This sets boundaries, drives accountability and puts the responsibility on managers to have regular performance conversations with their teams. Regardless of your approach to performance appraisals, performance management, and performance improvement, having an online performance management system that integrates online and offline performance conversations will deliver a clearer, more consistent and transparent approach to managing performance across your organisation. This ensures that the right conversations are being had at the right time and that records are maintained. Those organisations who embrace performance management are able to build high trust, high performing and highly engaged teams.

What do people say about the Sentrient online performance appraisal system?

“This is exactly what we need for our business.”

“We’ve been meaning to move our performance management online for some time and Sentrient has made that easy.”

“We have tried and failed on a couple of occasions to bring the performance review process online and finally we have something that works!”

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