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Online Learning Assessment Software
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The Sentrient online learning management system and learning assessment software allows you to assess employees’ knowledge at the end of an online course. It comes with automated workflows to help you select from a pool of question types. It allows you to add assessment question types such as yes/no, single selection, and multiple selection questions. The learning assessment software includes simple pathways that require no coding expertise from the managers and administrators for creating an assessment and forms an important part of your learning and development framework.

    The Sentrient learning assessment software enables staff to add customised assessment criteria for learners.
    • Set number of attempts
    • Set minimum score required
    • Variety of question types
    • Add questions and correct answers
    • Assign to relevant staff
    • Monitor performance
    A customised approach to assessment saves time as learners do not need to answer redundant or inapplicable questions.
    The Sentrient learning assessment software presents an easy solution for analysing learners’ knowledge.
    • Focus on individual learning
    • Custom tests and quizzes
    • Define learning standards
    • Enhance employee motivation
    • Increase employee engagement
    • Improve learning
    Testing learner knowledge helps leaders know the learning progress of employees.
    The Sentrient learning assessment software provides important insights for improving learning and skill development strategies..
    • • Constantly monitor employee growth
    • • Focused and targeted feedback
    • • Data-driven decisions
    • • Know where the gaps are
    • • Building better strategies
    • • Employee and organisational growth
    An assessment helps organisations device better learning experiences for employees.

What assessment criteria can be maintained in the Sentrient online learning assessment software?

Why is learning assessment software so important?

An effective online learning assessment system can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to stay on top of its learning and skill development requirements. This makes it easy for employees, managers, and directors to understand what online learning courses need to be maintained to enhance employee knowledge at any point in time. Real-time assessment creation saves a considerable amount of time and efforts. It also empowers managers to act when employees are unable to complete a mandatory course because of poor knowledge. Regardless of your approach to learning management, having an online learning assessment system in place will provide you with a clear structure, consistent approach, and transparency of the status of all courses across the whole organisation. This allows you to add new questions and answers, set a maximum number of attempts allowed, and a minimum score to be obtained for successfully completing an online course. Enabling online learning assessment for your staff can create a more efficient approach to adding new courses at induction and on an ongoing basis thereafter. It also supports the creation of a more skill-focused culture and a workplace in which your managers are responsible for the learning and skill development for their teams.

What do people say about the Sentrient online learning assessment software?

“We manage all of our courses in Sentrient and its made it easy for our managers to work out where improvements are needed.”

“The customised assessment creation makes it really easy for managers to add new questions.”

“The assessments are important for learning needs evaluation and help us with better decision-making.”

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