Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety at Work Online Courses

Helping you respond to a new way of living and working

Sentrient has made available a series of online coronavirus (COVID-19) training courses to help you keep your workplace COVID-19 safe as you respond to an easing of restrictions for coronavirus (COVID-19). The five online coronavirus training courses include COVID-19 Safety at Work, Infection Prevention and Control, Health and Wellbeing, Managing Remote Teams and Working from Home. These online COVID-19 training courses provide simple, easy and relatable content to help you return to work safely and keep others around you safe as we all adapt to new ways of living and working as a result of the coronavirus.
This 15 minute online coronavirus (COVID-19) safety at work training course helps you to return to work safely and keep those around you safe as we experience an easing of coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions and adapt to a new way of working and living as a result of the coronavirus.


  • Prevent the spread of coronavirus
  • Recognise the symptoms of coronavirus
  • Ensure a COVID-19 safe workplace
  • Identify and report risk for infection
  • Promote a COVID-19 safe workplace
This 15 minute online coronavirus (COVID-19) infection prevention and control training course provides an awareness of personal hygiene and how to prevent and control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and other infections in the workplace as we adapt to a new way of working and living as a result of coronavirus.


  • Understand infection prevention and control
  • Be aware of standard precautions of infection prevention and control
  • Recognise common infections and modes of transmission
  • Identify and report situations that pose a risk for infection
  • Control the spread of infection
Infection Prevention and Control Training Course
This 15 minute online coronavirus (COVID-19) health and wellbeing training course helps you to live a healthy life and promotes physical and mental wellbeing for everyone, whether working onsite, remotely or from home, as we adapt to new ways of living and working as a result of the coronavirus.
Health and Wellbeing Course


  • Understand health and wellbeing
  • Recognise behaviours of a healthy life
  • Be mindful of how to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Live a healthy life at home and at work
  • Promote health and wellbeing
This 15 minute online coronavirus (COVID-19) managing remote teams training course helps supervisors and managers establish a remote team, set expectations, communicate, and maintain productivity when managing remote teams and as our people adapt to new ways of living and working as a result of the coronavirus.


  • Understand what a remote team is
  • Set up a remote team
  • Key considerations when managing remote teams
  • Manage remote teams
  • Ensure productivity and motivation
Managing Remote Teams Training Course
This 15 minute online coronavirus (COVID-19) working from home training course provides practical ways to ensure health and safety, productivity and good mental health when working from home or in a remote location as we adapt to a new way of working and living as a result of the coronavirus.
Working From Home Training Course


  • Understand what is working from home
  • Key considerations when working from home
  • Identify risks and hazards when working from home
  • Report hazards, risks and incidents when working from home
  • Demonstrate methods for maintaining productivity, motivation and positive mindset

Why is education for COVID-19 safety at work such an important part of your response to the coronavirus?


The coronavirus (COVID-19) has been labelled a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). A pandemic describes an infectious disease where we see significant and ongoing person-to-person spread in multiple countries around the world at the same time. Pandemics are more likely if a virus is brand new, able to infect people easily and can spread from person-to-person in an efficient and sustained way. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has done exactly that. With no vaccine or treatment that can prevent it yet, containing its spread is vital. In response to the coronavirus, employers and their employees, contractors and volunteers are all learning to adapt to new ways of living and working. Employers have a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to provide education and policies for COVID-19 safety at work and to meet their work health and safety obligations throughout this pandemic. Online education such as the eLearning courses that Sentrient provide in these publicly available, free courses, go a long way to support an organisation and it’s people with awareness about coronavirus (COVID-19) and how we all play a part in helping stop the spread of the coronavirus.

What do people say about the Sentrient online coronavirus (COVID-19) training courses?

39,875 people from 279 different businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore completed these courses within the first few days of release. Globally, we reach more than 1,000 people every day, all who access this coronavirus (COVID-19) online training courses, and which helps them meet their accreditation, compliance and professional development requirements, at no cost to them or their business.

“Thank you for being so proactive, these courses could not have come at a better time.”

“Such a generous offer and we have rolled out the infection prevention and control course to everyone today with great success.”

“What a wonderful initiative and I have shared these coronavirus courses with everyone in my network.”

“We have done a lot of compliance training in the past, and everyone has commented at the quality of the Sentrient coronavirus courses.”

“It was as if Sentrient were in our meeting room over the past few months because every time a new challenge came up with COVID-19 they seemed to release online education to support it!”

Do you need a compliance management system to run these courses for accreditation, compliance and audit reporting?

If you do not have an LMS or online learning system, and ease of reporting is important for your business then you will want to get a free demonstration of the Sentrient online workplace compliance system or online human resource management system please contact Sentrient today. The Sentrient online compliance and HR platforms come with legally endorsed compliance courses, HR policy templates, and this series of five publicly available online coronavirus (COVID-19) training courses. As a program of online education and workplace policies, this will help you meet your workplace relations and safety requirements and protect your business from breaches in work health and safety, invasion of privacy, cybersecurity threats, data breach, and workplace incidents such as bullying, harassment and discrimination, as well as providing you with a way to keep your employees, contractors and volunteers aware of their responsibilities in response to the coronavirus.

Do you already have a Learning Management System (LMS)?

These COVID-19 courses are available for use on your current LMS and can be adjusted to meet your specific COVID-19 response plans.

Please help Sentrient spread the word about these publicly available online coronavirus courses.

We aim to help more than 1,000,000 people globally with these publicly available online coronavirus (COVID-19) training courses, free of charge. It is the Sentrient way of contributing to the global response to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to help employers and the people they are responsible for adapt to new ways of living and working. If you know anyone else that can benefit from these online coronavirus courses, please help by sharing this page and help us spread the word through social media.


Please consider supporting Sentrient when the time is right for your business

Sentrient has made these online coronavirus courses publicly available, at no cost to your organisation. Please consider supporting Sentrient with a subscription to our workplace compliance system, human resource management platform or license our full library of workplace relations and safety courses.

Availing this Covid19 Safety at Work online courses can help professionals from all walks of life get back to workplaces safely. This Covid19 training is meant for professionals such as teachers, volunteers, hospitality workers, aged care workers, beauty therapists, cleaners, coaches, childcare workers, chefs, doctors, dentists, dental nurses, drivers, etc. It can also guide all kinds of businesses and institutions such as beauty salons, bars, clubs and cafes, churches, and so on.

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