Everyone who manages compliance for their organisation knows how important it is to manage all non-compliance incidents with top priority and sensitivity. Being unaware of the process will lead to non-compliance for many businesses. Efficient incident reporting is key to staying compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

If you are having trouble managing incidents, Sentrient can help simplify compliance. In this blog post, we will examine incidents, why they must be reported, and how a compliance management system can help.

What are incidents?

Incidents are any unforeseen events that threaten compliance with laws and a business’s operations. In other words, any breaches of industry, local, or federal laws or business policies can be regarded as incidents. The causes of such incidents can range from lack of awareness to negligence during audits.

Whistleblowing is where an employee exposes unlawful activities or information within an organisation. Reporting all incidents, breaches of policies or data, and whistleblowing is a part of Sentrient’s incident reporting software.

What is an incident reporting software?

Reporting incidents using a paper-based system or endless email trails can prove cumbersome. The larger the amount of data, the more confusing and inconsistent the process can become. These methods are no longer beneficial for the organisation.

Incident reporting software is an automation tool that helps you report incidents in your organisation. This platform can be accessed by authorised users and offers high security for confidential information. It can be cloud-based and real-time to reduce processing time and allow access regardless of the user’s location.

How does incident reporting help enhance compliance?

The incident reporting function is crucial to maintaining and enhancing compliance with governing laws for all organisations. It helps record and analyse details that can otherwise be lost and forgotten, giving rise to future occurrences of similar incidents.

  • Better incident identification and evaluation

When an incident is recorded and reported in the software, it can be studied and analysed for patterns and trends in data, which can then allow you to identify and evaluate what can be done to prevent them from occurring in the future.

  • Better awareness

Incident reports work as helpful reminders of potential risks and hazards in your workplace. They can also be an important part of employee awareness training. This leads to higher employee awareness to identify incidents.

  • Enhanced risk management

Better information and awareness regarding risks is one of the best ways to ensure effective risk management. Evaluating one incident can help analyse and prevent similar incidents.

  • Avoid major incidents

When employees and management know what to look for in business processes, they are more vigilant about avoiding incidents. Paying attention to all minor incidents can also lead to avoiding major incidents.

  • Reduce non-compliance

When risks and incidents are managed efficiently, it results in better compliance with laws and industry standards. Reduced non-compliance also reduces the risk of fines or reputational damages.

How does Sentrient’s incident reporting software help?

Sentrient’s incident reporting software is part of our online workplace compliance system. It was designed to meet the requirements of organisations that need to enhance their compliance with laws. The software can be customized based on the size of the business and its industry type.

Some of the features that make Sentrient’s incident reporting system world-class include:

  • Rapid reporting
  • Managing the full incident lifecycle
  • Real-time incident reporting
  • Reporting on various types of incidents


Incident reporting is an important part of a business’s compliance management regime. It is necessary to record non-compliance incidents, breaches, and whistleblowing incidents for better compliance. Sentrient offers a reliable and streamlined incident reporting solution to record incident data and transform it into meaningful reports. It can be customised to industry type and business size to provide maximum efficiency and help ensure compliance with governing regulations. Contact us for more information on how to ace incident reporting in your organisation.