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Online Communication Management Software
Australia and New Zealand

The Sentrient online employee management system and communication management software allows you to communicate with all your staff members. It comes with automated notifications to alert receivers of the new messages. It allows you to liaise with colleagues on important internal processes and concerns such as policy updates, news, intranet resources, task assignments, training etc. The communication management software includes tracking the effectiveness of communication inside the organisation. It motivates your employees to collaborate easily for tasks and be in the know. It is an important part of your employee management framework.

    Sentrient communication management software enables staff to engage and collaborate with colleagues for work-related purposes.
    • Reduce message wear-out
    • Understand terms and conditions
    • Builds employee morale
    • Reduces miscommunication
    • Improves processes and procedures
    • Fosters collaboration
    Effective communication platform allows organisations to build a cordial work environment.
    Sentrient communication management software provides an organised platform to broadcast updates.
    • Updates on current and new policies
    • Project status updates
    • Task updates
    • Reports updates
    • Leaves and holidays updates
    • Important announcements
    Sentrient communication management system is an efficient way to carry out internal communication.
    Sentrient communication management software allows you to reach all staff including remote workers..
    • Easy access
    • Reach remote workers
    • Machine independent
    • Enterprise-wide support
    • Better interface than corporate emails
    • Promote staff inclusion at every level
    Better reachability is an important aspect of a robust organisation-wide communication system.

What communication can be made in the Sentrient online communication management software?

Why is communication management software so important?

An effective online communication management system can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to stay on top of its employee management requirements. This makes it easy for employees, managers, and directors to exchange ideas, work together, and understand the status of tasks at any point in time. Real-time communication supports exchanging important information throughout the organisation. It also empowers employees and their managers to act when announcements are made and reduce the risks of lost or overlooked messages. Regardless of your approach to communication management, having online communication management in place will provide you with a clear structure, consistent approach, and transparency of the status of all announcements across the whole organisation. This allows you to provide the right channel of communication to your employees. Enabling online communication management for your staff can create a more efficient approach to adding and updating events and announcements on an ongoing basis. It also supports the creation of more integrated work culture and a workplace in which your teams associate without any hurdles.

What do people say about Sentrient online employee communication management software?

“Sentrient has provided us with a powerful communication tool that supersedes every other platform we have used so far.”

“The communication management software ensures no employee is left out when conveying important announcements.”

“Sentrient communication management has reduced the number of message wear-outs like never before!”

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