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Code of Conduct Policy Template
Australia and New Zealand

“It is expected that we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. Not just because we must by law, but because everybody has the right to dignity and respect in the workplace.”

How to use this HR policy and procedure
manual template

This code of conduct policy can be uploaded and assigned to your staff via the Sentrient online workplace compliance system or Sentrient human resource management platform. It is best to accompany your version of the code of conduct policy with legally endorsed workplace relations and safety training, such as the Sentrient online workplace compliance courses on equal employment opportunity, internet and social media, privacy, sexual harassment, work health and safety, and workplace bullying.

Other HR policy and procedure templates

Sentrient have an extensive range of online HR policy templates publicly available for small and medium businesses and larger organisations in Australia and New Zealand. You can combine these additional policies with this code of conduct policy in support of your workplace relations and safety program. Alternatively, you could combine all the HR policies and procedures to form your own HR manual and employment guidelines.

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