Roche Diabetes Care Australia is the leading provider of blood glucose monitoring systems for Australians with diabetes. For more than 40 years, it has played an active role in enhancing diabetes care structures in Australia, helping to reduce the serious consequences diabetes has on health and the economy. At Sentrient, we are proud to be a part of Roche Diabetes Care’s compliance framework.
Roche Diabetes Care was introduced to Sentrient at a time when the business was searching for a way to consolidate its in-house training programs, and to expand the scope of its staff education to meet its legal obligations as an Australian employer. Sentrient presented an opportunity for Roche Diabetes Care to achieve both outcomes.
We recently caught up with Roche Diabetes Care’s HR Manager, Anne-Maree Toohey, and asked about her experience implementing and using the Sentrient system.

“I definitely have to say that the customer service experience with Sentrient has been exceptional. The team is quick to respond, and are available to resolve issues in real time,” said Anne-Maree. “We use lots of different systems for lots of different things – Sentrient is the easiest system for us to use, and has by far the best level of service. It has been a great experience.”

Roche Diabetes Care uses the Sentrient system for around 90 employees and external contractors. When asked how staff find the system, Anne-Maree said that she believed the answer was in content completion rates, which were typically almost 100% by the specified due dates.
Anne-Maree also shared with us that the Sentrient system is popular with managers, who now have the ability to quickly and easily deploy important material to their staff, and verify all completions. “Our managers can’t speak highly enough of the system,” said Anne-Maree. “We now use it for far more than just compliance training and policy sign-off.”
From an administrator’s point of view, Anne-Maree mentioned that she particularly likes the way the Sentrient system encourages staff to be accountable for their learning requirements through the automatic reminders feature. “This saves our HR team a lot of follow-up time,” said Anne-Maree. “I also really like the fact that all system communications are centrally logged for future reference if required.”
Roche Diabetes Care Australia's has achieved a position of global leadership in its field through a commitment to extraordinary customer satisfaction delivered by the most talented and dedicated people in its industry. Sentrient is pleased to be providing a system that supports the ongoing education of this world-leading workforce.