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Employee Communication Management Software
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The Sentrient online onboarding system and new hire to staff communication management software allows you to convert new recruits into staff members. It comes with automated onboarding checklists that help you make the onboarding process memorable for the new hires. Right from arranging their induction, providing a guided tour, setting up new email and system accounts, to performance reviews at the end of their probation period, Sentrient new-hire to staff communication management software has it all lined out for you. It also allows your HR personnel to spend more time on strategic tasks rather than spending hours managing paperwork for new recruits.

    The Sentrient employee communication management software provides HR managers with automated onboarding checklists.
    • Customised onboarding checklists
    • Easily managed tasks
    • Inform the team about a new hire
    • Prepare functioning workstation beforehand
    • Arrange onboarding meetings
    • Schedule regular reviews
    New hire to staff communication allows HR managers to easily perform onboarding tasks.
    The Sentrient employee communication management software has shortened employee onboarding lifecycle by automating the process.
    • Smart employee onboarding option
    • More effective than the paper-based system
    • Saves time
    • Manager notifications for tasks
    • Easy to manage staff onboarding workflow
    • Efficient onboarding process guaranteed
    New-hire to staff communication enables you to act before a new-hire is onboarded.
    The Sentrient employee communication management software ensures every new recruit has the same onboarding experience..
    • Sets a standard onboarding process
    • Make new hires feel welcomed
    • Easy new-hire inductions
    • Helps build a professional image
    • Helps retain employees longer
    • Important for lasting impressions
    New hire to staff communication is an important part of your onboarding process.

What are some of the onboarding tasks that can be performed with the help of the Sentrient online employee communication management software?

Why is employee communication management software so important?

An effective online new hire to staff communication management system can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to stay on top of its recruitment, onboarding, and talent retention requirements. This makes it easy for employees and managers to understand what tasks need to be performed while onboarding new recruits. Customised onboarding checklists help HR managers to create a consistent onboarding experience for all new hires. It also helps minimise the risk of breaches in onboarding policy and unlawful business practises. Regardless of your approach to employee communication management, having an online staff member communication management in place will provide you with a clear structure, consistent approach and transparency of the status of onboarding of all new-hires across the whole organisation. Enabling online new hire to staff communication management for your staff can create a more efficient approach to induction of employees and on an ongoing basis thereafter. It also supports the creation of a more organised culture and a professional environment in the workplace.

What do people say about Sentrient online employee communication management software?

“We manage all of our new-hire onboarding tasks in Sentrient and it has made the onboarding process easier for our managers.”

“The automated checklists for onboarding tasks makes it really clear what tasks are done and where the gaps are.”

“The matrix report gives us visibility of the status of all courses done by a new-hire at the click of a button!”

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