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Onboarding Forms Management Software
Australia and New Zealand


The Sentrient online onboarding system and onboarding forms management software allows new hires to fill necessary onboarding forms and enables you to maintain new hire information required by law. It allows you to manage records such as personal details, bank account details, superannuation, TFN, etc. The onboarding forms management software includes automated forms that enable employees to easily understand the information that is necessary to be provided for employment and forms an important part of your governance, risk, and compliance framework.

    The Sentrient onboarding forms management software takes a paper-based long procedure of completing forms to an easy online system.
    • Easy to use
    • Fewer errors
    • Minimises paper use
    • Saves time
    • Real-time record updates
    • Less HR workload
    Automated onboarding forms allow employees to spend as little time as possible on handling papers and focus on high-value tasks.
    The Sentrient onboarding forms management software allows new hires to have their own portal to manage onboarding forms and other details.
    • Fill your details
    • Attach electronic files
    • Consistent experience
    • Keep new hires engaged
    • Build a lasting impression
    • Increase productivity
    Candidate portals keep new hires engaged from day one by filling their onboarding forms.
    The Sentrient onboarding forms management software makes the process of handling forms transparent..
    • Easy to track the status
    • Integrated approach
    • Access throughout organisation
    • Better compliance management
    • Discourage malpractices
    • View forms 24 x 7
    The transparent process flow is an important part of your governance, risk, and compliance framework.

What forms can be maintained in the Sentrient online onboarding forms management software?

Why is onboarding forms management software so important?

An effective onboarding forms management system can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to stay on top of its governance, risk, and compliance requirements. This makes it easy for employees, managers, and directors to understand what new hire information needs to be maintained and the status of compliance at any point in time. It empowers employees to fill automated forms anywhere and reduce unnecessary paperwork. It also helps maintain transparent process flow throughout the organisation and minimise the risk of breaches in safety and unlawful business practises. Regardless of your approach to onboarding forms management, having an online onboarding forms management in place will provide you with a clear structure, consistent approach, and transparency of the status of all forms across the whole organisation. This allows you to add new forms, manage compliance, and gain real-time reporting and escalation in the event of non-compliance. Enabling online personalised portal for onboarding forms management for your staff can create a more efficient approach to adding and updating forms at induction and on an ongoing basis thereafter. It also supports the creation of a more compliant-focused culture.

What do people say about the Sentrient online onboarding forms management software?

“We manage all of our onboarding forms in Sentrient and its made it easy for our new hires to update their information.”

“The automated onboarding forms enable our HR personnel to spend more time on strategic tasks.”

“The onboarding forms have reduced paperwork and make the information available at the click of a button!”

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