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Sentrient Online Compliance Courses

The Sentrient online compliance courses are for employers who have Staff and Managers based in Australia and New Zealand. They are legally endorsed and kept up to date as legislation changes. The online courses are short, sharp, and to the point and can be completed within 15-20 minutes per topic. All online compliance courses can be deployed through the Sentrient Compliance System or Sentrient HR Platform. You can also license Sentrient online compliance courses and deploy them through a third-party Learning Management System that is SCORM-compliant.

Legally Endorsed Online Compliance Courses
for Australia and New Zealand

The Sentrient online compliance courses have been written in partnership with Mills Oakley Lawyers for Australia and Simpson Grierson Lawyers for New Zealand. The online compliance courses cover legislation for all States and Territories in Australia and for New Zealand. We also provide Global versions for each topic that can be used for Staff and Managers who are employed outside of Australia and New Zealand. All online compliance courses are reviewed regularly by Sentrient to ensure the content is relevant and up to date.

Sentrient Online Compliance Courses for Staff

To ensure you meet your legal obligations, we recommend that all Staff complete compliance training at induction and on a regular basis thereafter (e.g. annually). Each of the Staff online courses can be completed within 10-15 minutes per topic. They will help Staff to understand better their responsibility to contribute to a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace and to be able to identify, report and resolve situations that may arise in the workplace.

Course Name Australia New Zealand Global
Alcohol and Drugs
Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing
Bribery, Corruption, and Fraud ✔​
Child Safety and Protection of Young People
Conflict Resolution ✔​
Cyber Security and Data Breach Notification
Diversity and Inclusion
Family and Domestic Violence
Equal Employment Opportunity
Ergonomics ✔​
Infection Prevention and Control
Internet and Social Media
Health and Wellbeing
Manual Handling
Modern Slavery
Occupational Violence and Aggression
Psychological Health and Safety ✔​
Safe Driving
Sexual Harassment
Whistleblower Rights and Protections ✔​
Work Health and Safety
Working Alone
Workplace Bullying


Sentrient Online Compliance Courses for Managers

To strengthen your workplace relations and safety program further, we recommend you provide additional training to managers. Each of the Manager's online courses can be completed within 10-15 minutes per topic. These Manager's compliance courses present case studies and examples to better prepare your Managers for situations that may arise in the workplace.

Course Name Australia New Zealand Global
Conflict Resolution for Managers
Diversity and Inclusion for Managers
Family and Domestic Violence for Managers
Psychological Health and Safety for Managers
Sexual Harassment for Managers
Work Health and Safety for Managers
Workplace Bullying for Managers


Sentrient Online Compliance Courses (Coming Soon)

Course Name Australia New Zealand Global
Chain of Responsibility
Competition and Consumer Law
Conflicts of Interest


​Sentrient Awareness Courses

The below list of courses are awareness courses and serve as general education on a various range of topics that are relevant to businesses that operate in specific industry sectors (e.g. Food Safety, Hand Hygiene, Medication Management, Restrictive practices are being developed to support our NDIS clients).

Course Name Category Status
Appropriate Behaviour at Work Functions Awareness Available Now
Appropriate Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace Awareness Coming Soon
Armed Robbery Awareness Available Now
Code of Conduct Awareness Available Now
Cultural Awareness NDIS Coming Soon
Food Safety NDIS Coming Soon
Hand Hygiene NDIS Coming Soon
Human Rights NDIS Coming Soon
Incident Reporting NDIS Coming Soon
Introduction to Disability Services NDIS Coming Soon
Managing Remote Teams Awareness Available Now
Manual Handling for Disability Services NDIS Coming Soon
Medication Management NDIS Coming Soon
Personal Protective Equipment for Disability Services NDIS Coming Soon
Positive Behavioural Support NDIS Coming Soon
Professional Boundaries NDIS Coming Soon
Restrictive Practises NDIS Coming Soon
Sustainable Development Awareness Available Now
Working from Home Awareness Available Now

For further information about the Sentrient online course library and/or content available through Sentrient partners, please get in touch with us today!


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