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Online Audit and Compliance Reporting System
Australia and New Zealand

The Sentrient online workplace compliance system comes with ready-made reports for accreditation, audit, compliance and board reporting. The real-time reporting function allows you to report on individuals, teams and across the whole organisation. This includes summary reports for courses, policies and compliance records. It also includes status reports for courses and policies that are not yet complete or overdue, and for records that are coming up to compliance ending or are not compliant. The automated communication workflow provides individual reminder notifications, notifies managers and escalates to system administrators in the case of overdue or non-compliance. All communication including emails and messages sent through the system are logged for audit purposes. The ability to report real-time in the click of a button, send those reports to others to follow up and prepare regular audit and board reports make it easy for you to stay on top of all your governance, risk and compliance reporting requirements.

    The Sentrient audit and compliance reporting system enables you to record and report on the status of all training, policies and compliance records and acts as a single reference point at audit.
    • Alignment with audit requirements
    • Demonstrate reasonable steps
    • Internal audits
    • External audits
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Work health and safety audits
    Sentrient is recommended by auditors as the simplest and easiest way to demonstrate workplace compliance.
    The Sentrient audit and compliance reporting system can report on compliance requirements for competencies, job functions, locations, teams and across the whole organisation.
    • Automated reminder notifications
    • Escalation reports
    • Visibility for staff, managers and administrators
    • Communication log
    • Single reference point
    • Available 24 x 7 on all devices
    Sentrient enables workplace relations and safety programs to be rolled out online and makes compliance reporting easy.
    The Sentrient audit and compliance reporting system allow you to save favourite reports for board reporting and provides an easy way to report on your governance, risk and compliance requirements..
    • Automatic report scheduler
    • Course and policy reports
    • Records management reports
    • Incident and breach reports
    • Mandatory board reporting
    • Work health and safety reports
    Sentrient ready-made reports are available real-time and this makes board reporting a fast, easy and pain-free process.

What audit, compliance and board reports can be managed in the Sentrient online audit and compliance reporting software?

Why is audit and compliance reporting software so important?

An effective audit and compliance reporting system can have a significant impact on an organisation’s ability to stay on top of its governance, risk and compliance requirements. This makes it easy for employees, managers, and directors to understand what the state of compliance at any point in time is. Real-time reporting supports the audit process and mandatory requirements for your compliance requirements and can demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps about your mandatory workplace compliance requirements. It also empowers employees and their managers to act towards 100% compliance for mandatory training, policy sign off and records management and further strengthen your safety culture. This minimises the risk of breaches in safety, invasion of privacy and incidents of bullying, harassment and discrimination that lead to claims for legal liability and countless hours in lost time as a result of mediation, court proceedings and irreparable reputational damage. Regardless of your approach to compliance, having an online workplace compliance system that comes with real-time reporting is an effective way to make things easy for compliance, HR, risk and safety teams to manage many and varied compliance requirements for your business. Enabling online reporting for your staff, managers and directors will set boundaries, clarify your expectations and enable a more compliant workplace culture.

What do people say about the Sentrient online audit and compliance reporting software?

“The reporting in Sentrient makes our compliance program so much easier to manage.”

“Being able to report on the overdue course and policy completions and message those users directly through Sentrient at a click of a button save countless hours of administration.”

“Everyone understands what needs to be done and by when and it makes board reporting super easy!”

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