Want to learn about the the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Developed in conjunction with Home In Place and Sentrient the course is intended to enable people to see that even small adjustments in their business processes can help achieve the SDGs. The SDGs will be achieved by the accumulation of smaller things for example: If we all do something small in our own lives like turn off lights where not needed (there is a section in the online module covering this), then we can make a significant difference to climate change etc.

The course enables people to see that the SDGs are relevant and any small adjustment in our personal lives or in business process can help us all achieve the SDGs by 2030. It is the first adventure in the journey of understanding the SDGs and how they apply to an individual or an organisation.

Feedback regarding the online module is that it is very clear and concise, gives the information needed, the interactivity and mode of presentation is accessible  and easy to use. Individuals who have completed the online course feel that they have participated in something meaningful and have felt engaged with the content.

The module content was written by Home in Place and developed by Sentrient. This course is now available online as a free demonstration at the following sites: