It’s pretty simple.

We all have a role to play in creating and maintaining a workplace culture that is safe, fair and equitable.

Too often, we all sit back and blame others. When in fact, we could have helped the situation by doing the right thing and standing up for what we know is right! One of the things I love most about Sentrient is its vision, which is to inspire people to do the right thing.

Not just because it is the law but because everyone has a right to be safe at work and to be treated fairly and with respect. Their company values are to have a go, look after your mates and enjoy what you’ve got, and this is the real reason for workplace compliance.

To create a workplace where we look out for one another and can focus on doing our best work. When this is in place, great things happen!

In the Australian workplace, the hidden cost of non-compliance and the risk of legal liability is skyrocketing. Whilst we encourage you to create a workplace where people want to come to work and do the right thing, we are also mindful that workplace incidents can happen.

This is why having a reliable workplace compliance system is important. It underpins your company’s values of fairness and respect.

There are benefits to having a reliable workplace compliance system for your business.

Having a reliable workplace compliance system means that you can send a clear message to your people that you expect a workplace that is safe, fair and equitable.

This message is received when they start with you as part of their induction. It continues on an ongoing basis. Lawful and appropriate behaviour is critical. It needs to be clear for everyone in Australian workplaces.

It is not just a once-off when you start exercising. Rather, it is an ongoing part of the day-to-day running of your business.