Sentrient is proud to release the new online occupational violence and aggression course as its latest online course that forms part of a fast-growing and comprehensive suite of online workplace compliance, social safety, and awareness courses for employers with employees, contractors and volunteers who are based in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, and South Africa.

Why is the occupational violence and aggression course important?

WorkSafe authorities in all states and territories of Australia report an increase in workplace incidents associated with occupational violence and aggression, both in the regular place of work and for lone workers. This issue is broader than Australia, as similar trends have been reported in countries such as New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and South Africa.

What are some common examples of occupational violence and aggression?

A range of sources can expose employees to work-related violence, including co-workers, clients, customers, patients, people in custody and members of the public.

Examples of work-related violence include:

  • biting, spitting, scratching, hitting, kicking
  • pushing, shoving, tripping, grabbing
  • throwing objects
  • verbal threats or abuse
  • threatening someone with an object or weapon
  • armed robbery
  • sexual harassment and assault
  • online harassment, threats or abuse
  • assault with a weapon

What does the Sentrient online course on occupational violence and aggression course cover?

Employers have a duty to keep employees safe by eliminating and controlling workplace violence and aggression. The Sentrient occupational violence and aggression online course enables employers to create awareness of workplace violence and aggression and enables their employees, contractors, and volunteers to identify, report and respond to incidents of work-related violence and aggression. It also promotes a healthy and safe workplace, including the physical and psychological work environment.

What topics are covered in the Sentrient online work-related violence and aggression course?

This course focuses on helping people identify, report and resolve incidents of work-related violence and aggression that present a risk to their own or others’ health and safety. The topics covered in the working alone online course are:

  • What is occupational violence and aggression?
  • Impacts of violence in the workplace
  • Identifying the hazards and risks of work-related violence
  • Responding to violence and aggression in the workplace
  • Contributing to a safe physical and psychological environment

Why would you deliver this violence and aggression in workplace training?

Unfortunately, occupational violence and aggression do occur in almost all workplaces. Whilst the types of occupational violence and the severity of impacts vary, it is a serious issue that employers face, particularly as we move towards workplaces where working alone and in remote locations is becoming more common. Recent WorkSafe audits have focused on stamping out occupational violence and aggression in the workplace, and lone workers are the most at risk of such violence. This creates additional work health and safety risks for Directors and Executives regardless of the size or industry in which your business operates.

Like to learn more?

To find out more about the Sentrient work-related violence and aggression online course, you can visit the website page for occupational violence and aggression or the Sentrient main website.

Other courses that may be of interest to your organisation?

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