Jesuit Social Services is a social change organisation that recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. The organisation works at the hard end of social justice, supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the community in areas like crime, addiction, mental illness, suicide bereavement and long-term unemployment. At Sentrient, we are pleased to be helping Jesuit Social Services to deliver online compliance training to its workforce of 250 staff.
Jesuit Social Services was one of the early adopters of Sentrient’s online system. Our two organisations crossed paths at a time when Jesuit Social Services was seeking the assistance of an online learning system that was simple to implement, easy to use and with compliance content that was not onerous. 15 months since implementing our LMS, we asked General Manager Human Resources, Susan O’Brien, to share with us her thoughts on Jesuit Social Services’ partnership with Sentrient.

“The Sentrient team are very responsive,” stated Susan. “When we signed up, it was mutually agreed that our relationship would be based in partnership – we decided that we would learn together.”

When asked what Jesuit Social Services’ staff think of the Sentrient experience, Susan offered that feedback had generally been good. “Rollout was smooth, and our staff enjoy the fact that they now have an online option for compliance training and policy sign-off.”
The Sentrient LMS is administered for Jesuit Social Services by Susan’s HR team, and Susan noted that new HR staff have been able to quickly learn how to run the system. Susan also shared with us that Sentrient’s monitoring and reporting tools give the executive team complete transparency for compliance across the organisation.
Jesuit Social Services works to change policies, practices, ideas and values that perpetuate inequality, prejudice and exclusion. The organisation strives to be welcoming, discerning and courageous in how it runs its programs and how its staff work with each other. Sentrient is proud to be a key component of the internal education system that Jesuit Social Services uses to reinforce these values.