Kid First Australia (Kids First) is a proudly independent child and family services provider and early education specialist. A purpose driven organisation, the Kids First vision is for all children and young people to thrive in resilient, strong, and safe families and communities. Kids First has been the heart of community care in Melbourne since 1896 and operates across multiple sites within Victoria, with practitioners working across a full spectrum of community service engaging with parents, families, schools, and referral partners through to providing one to one counselling and group programs for children and adults to overcome trauma.

In 2018, Lisa Hunter Director of People, Culture and Performance at Kids First, was looking at new ways to deliver induction training, have a way to address training gaps, and to further strengthen governance, risk, and compliance processes for the organisation. Having used learning management systems in previous roles, Lisa was aware of the benefits in creating a more automated, consistent, and online approach to inductions and ongoing compliance training and policy management.

Lisa was pleased to have discovered Sentrient when reviewing suitable learning management systems and found it extremely user friendly compared to other products that she has used in the past, and this is what Lisa had to say about Sentrient.

“Sentrient has helped us deliver training and mange policies and procedures seamlessly and I am very keen to explore other modules available within the system."

Kids First have always found Sentrient to be easy to deal with and Lisa commented that "the support for her team has always been a real strength of the relationship, and that Sentrient are always accommodating to their needs and finding new ways to help.”

Over the years, Kids First has partnered with thousands of families to bring about change and healing, strengthen family relationships and set children up for brighter futures, and Sentrient are proud to be partnering with an organisation that is having such a positive impact on the community.