The Uniting Church WA (UCWA) oversees the activities of more than 100 congregations and faith communities around the state, and works alongside a number of related agencies in the not-for-profit social services sector such as UnitingCare West, Good Samaritan Industries and Juniper. At Sentrient, we are proud to be helping UCWA to realise efficiencies in its approach to policy sign-off and workplace compliance training.

UCWA became aware of Sentrient’s services at a time when it was seeking to reduce its overheads in training management. We recently spoke with HR Manager, Monica Pettersen, who recalls having to conduct or arrange face-to-face induction and refresher training sessions, and the demands this placed on her time.

“We needed a system that would provide us with efficiency and reliability in training delivery and policy sign-off. Sentrient has helped us achieve this, and we now have a central source for our compliance-related workforce data. As we are now in the process of rolling the system out to staff that are not based in our main office, this is particularly important given the geographical spread of our congregations and faith communities,” said Monica.

When we asked about UCWA’s experience with us as a customer, Monica noted that the Sentrient team had been very responsive. “I can’t fault their services at all,” said Monica. UCWA staff have also enjoyed a positive experience with the Sentrient LMS and compliance training content. “Typically, when we introduce a new system or process, we get a lot of questions from staff, but this was not the case with Sentrient. I think this points to the fact that the system is easy to use and intuitive,” said Monica.

Monica shared with us that the UCWA executive team were pleased with the outcomes from their investment in the Sentrient system. The organisation is now making better use of its HR resources, and is addressing its compliance risk in a more reliable manner.

Formed forty years ago by an amalgamation of faith groups with shared values, the Uniting Church has a strong focus on inclusivity, diversity and respect for the individual. Sentrient is pleased to be providing UCWA with an effective and reliable online system that can be used to promote and reinforce these shared values with its workforce.