Compliance with industry regulations is not a choice; it is a requirement. Almost every business, irrespective of its size, needs to comply with local, federal, or international laws. Employees of an organisation also have to comply with the policies and legal requirements of that organisation.

Companies ensure that their employees follow compliance by providing them with compliance training. If you own a small business, here is everything you need to know about compliance training.

What is Compliance training?

Compliance training is training you provide your employees to educate them about the legal, ethical, and reporting requirements of the business. It helps define and communicate the responsibilities of each employee.

The main purpose of compliance training is to walk them through the legal and ethical complications that may arise at their workplace and advise them of the course of action to be taken if they have identified an incident.

What is the reason for compliance training? 

Compliance is a must for all types of businesses and industries. Likewise, educating employees is a must for abiding by international, federal or local laws. Compliance training fulfils the need to advise employees in all businesses about the requirements and features of regulations.

What issues are covered in compliance training?

As mentioned above, compliance training covers an extensive number of topics related to legal and ethical compliance applying to a business. All important issues in your workplace or remote site locations, depending on the industry type of your business, are covered in compliance training.

For example, a company may choose to educate its employees about issues relating to information security, environmental standards, company policies, etc. The company policies might include codes of conduct, conflict of interest, diversity, and inclusivity at the workplace, etc.

Some industry types may require businesses to arrange more compliance training than others because of the highly regulated structure of those sectors. These sectors include healthcare and finance.

Importance of compliance training for small businesses

Compliance training is important for organisations of every size. When considering small businesses, compliance training is crucial because most small businesses work more informally than larger organisations, but the laws and regulations are similarly applicable to small businesses.

Compliance training enables small businesses to adopt a more formal way of walking their employees through legal guidelines and procedures. Other reasons that make compliance training important for small businesses include (but are not limited to):

  • Keeps employees in the know 

Awareness is the stepping stone toward compliance. With proper compliance training, you undertake the task of informing your employees about the regulations that are to be followed, standards of behaviour that need to be maintained, and the workplace responsibilities that need to be fulfilled by them.

  • Helps reduce and avoid non-compliance risks

Non-compliance not only ruins the reputation of your business but also presents monetary and operational risks. Compliance training is the best way to let your employees know about the costs of non-compliance.

  • It helps maintain better compliance

Informed employees and proper standards in place are bound to help you achieve better compliance in future. Businesses thrive with better compliance training in place.

What is compliance certification?

A compliance certificate is issued by authorities when your business meets the standards of compliance determined by the certification specifications.

How can Sentrient help?

Sentrient provides businesses with well-designed and easy-to-navigate online workplace compliance training courses for businesses of all sizes and related to various industries. Some of our online courses include (but are not limited to):

We have many courses that will suit the requirements of your organisation. 


Whatever the size of your organisation, you must provide compliance training to your employees to keep your business compliant with regulations. If you are looking for ways to implement a robust compliance training structure for your small business, contact Sentrient today. Let us help you establish an easy-to-use platform for your compliance requirements.