Have you designed a governance, risk, and compliance strategy and implemented it in your organisation? What next? How will you gauge the success or failure of this GRC strategy? Many organisations stumble at this point and fail to measure the effectiveness of implementing changes in the already existing or newly deployed GRC strategy. This can lead to inefficient controls, increased risks, and non-compliance.

Businesses need to measure the effectiveness of their GRC strategy on a regular basis. This can be achieved using comprehensive governance, risk management, and compliance software. You can deploy GRC surveys, prepare robust reports, and evaluate your GRC program.

If you are looking for a way to assess the effectiveness of the GRC program in your organisation, here is all you need to know about GRC surveys and GRC survey software.

What are GRC Surveys?

GRC surveys are similar to normal surveys, except they help ask questions about the GRC program in place. Employees can provide constructive feedback via these surveys. These surveys aim to gather insight from peers regarding their user experience with the current GRC program, GRC tools, gather usage patterns, identify trends, and ultimately improve the strategy.

GRC survey creation tools, built-in knowledgebase, and interactive reporting are some of the features of a GRC management system that make it easier for users to create and deploy surveys and report the results.

Why are GRC surveys important?

Once GRC software is deployed, it is important to gather information about the user experience. It helps capture user responses, understand trends and risks, and enhance the strategy to avoid future risks. Some of the most common benefits of GRC surveys include:

  • Instant feedback from executives and managers
  • Understand end-user requirement
  • Evaluate the state and range of internal controls
  • Identify potential risks
  • Enhance GRC management

What are the different types of GRC surveys?

There can be an endless list of GRC surveys to collect useful information. It is also based on the GRC strategy of an organisation. Listed below are some of the most common surveys that the best GRC software includes:

  • Online employee engagement surveys
  • Online health and wellbeing surveys
  • Online learning and development surveys
  • Online work health and safety surveys
  • Online workplace gender and equality surveys
  • Online workplace relations and employment surveys

What does the Sentrient GRC management system offer?

Sentrient’s GRC management system includes a powerful GRC survey feature that helps organisations conduct surveys in just a few minutes. It is one of the best GRC tools to assess the effectiveness of your GRC program. Sentrient allows you to create your own GRC surveys that include multiple question types such as yes/no, multiple choice single select, multiple-choice multiple select, ratings, free-text response, etc.

Report generation based on these surveys is also made simple by Sentrient. You can select to report at the individual, team, and organisation levels to process GRC feedback that contributes to creating better strategies, procedures, and activities in line with your business goals.


GRC surveys are an important source of feedback about the GRC strategy and controls in place in your organisation. You can also gather information about the changes required to make GRC management effective. Let Sentrient’s GRC management system help you build, customise, and conduct your own GRC surveys. Contact us today for more information.