The importance of training in the implementation of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) management cannot be overstated. Your employees will contribute to achieving workplace compliance and therefore need to be educated about it too. Online GRC training supported by advanced governance, risk, and compliance software can help meet your training requirements. These courses support your GRC program and can be made available at any time, from employee induction and onboarding to refresher GRC training and accreditation.

However, compliance training could be one of the least enjoyed learning experiences in an organisation. Not all employees enjoy going through mandatory workplace training programs. Such employees also fail to implement the required knowledge to their work which can then lead to poor compliance. It is, therefore, advisable to devise ways to increase employees’ enthusiasm towards learning GRC courses.

If you are observing a similar lack of enthusiasm and support for GRC training in your organisation, you must take a look at these 5 ways to improve this.

Online GRC Training: 5 Ways to Motivate Learners

1. Gain learners’ attention

As famously said by Claude Adrien Helvetius, “Genius is nothing but continued attention.” If your employees fail to pay attention, they fail to learn. You need to gain your learners’ attention before beginning with the important aspects of the training. One of the keys to helping gain the attention of adult learners is to help them understand the why. Explain the importance of complying with industry and legal regulations. They also need to know what’s in it for them and how implementing this knowledge in their work helps them.

Making the design more interactive can also assist in grabbing one’s attention and curiosity to online compliance training courses. The UI of the GRC training modules should be designed to encourage continued focus and kept simple to help increase learners’ knowledge rather than wasting time navigating through complex designs.

2. Make the training relevant

Any training program that does not relate to its audience can be deemed inefficient. The prerequisite to motivating and engaging your learners to gain knowledge is to make relevant courses. This relevance can be achieved by first analysing and understanding the different roles and responsibilities that your employees play in complying with laws and guidelines. The next step is to create training content that provides relatable examples based on the employee roles and responsibilities.

The concept of one-size-fits-all does not apply to GRC training. Another way to improve relevance is to provide customised GRC training courses as per your business GRC strategy requirements.

3. Keep updating the courses

Along with maintaining relevance, the GRC training must provide updated information. It is futile to make your employees gain obsolete knowledge of compliance processes and activities. This also increases the non-compliance and operational risks as your employees are not aware of the new guidelines. Businesses saw the impact of changing rules and regulations during the outbreak of coronavirus. Those who failed to adapt to changing work scenarios, comply with new legal requirements, and anticipate and mitigate risks, faced huge losses or, even worse, struggled to survive. Using recent news and examples also helps keep the training fresh.

4. Foster confidence

One of the roadblocks to efficient GRC training can also be the lack of confidence on the learners’ part. It can lead them to prevent or postpone the required training. One of the best ways to foster confidence is setting expectations for success at the beginning of the course with clearly mentioned objectives and measures for successful completion. For example, scoring a minimum of 80% to pass.

5. Ask for feedback after completion

Gathering learner feedback helps create a sense of satisfaction amongst your learners. GRC software can help you ask for and collect learner feedback through GRC surveys. It also allows you to create customised GRC Surveys. This helps instil a sense of satisfaction in employees as they feel their opinions are being heard and valued.

The Takeaway:

GRC training aims to keep the organisation updated with the skills and knowledge required to perform activities that are in line with the organisational GRC strategy. Making this training more engaging can help increase its impact and effectiveness. Learners can gain more knowledge and apply it in their jobs.

If you are looking for ways to improve your GRC training, Sentrient GRC software can provide you with legally endorsed in-built GRC courses and help you design custom GRC courses. We strive to help make your GRC strategy effective. Contact us for more information today!