Sentrient has made online courses available to create awareness for infection prevention and control for all staff in Australian workplaces, including employees, contractors, and volunteers.

The 15-minute online course for infection prevention and control is a free resource to support small and medium businesses and larger organisations across all industry sectors and for people located in Australia and overseas. It provides an awareness of basic hygiene and how to prevent and control the spread of infection in the workplace.

Managing Director of Sentrient, Gavin Altus, says that social media can often present misinformation about outbreaks of viruses and that employers have a responsibility to reinforce good health and safety practises in the workplace when it comes to situations that pose a risk for infection.

The content of the course is simple to navigate, easy to understand and provides links to credible resources such as the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, Australian Government Department of Health and Smartraveller, and it is relatable to people from all Australian workplaces, says Gavin Altus. The online course can be downloaded by an employer and rolled out via their existing learning management system within just minutes, making it easy for employers to do the right thing and to help protect their people and their clients.

Sentrient supports hundreds of small and medium businesses and larger organisations in Australia with various compliance-related content, mainly in the area of behavioural compliance. They are advocates for employers creating safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces. After numerous requests for support with training on infection prevention and control, Sentrient felt they should go beyond supporting their client base and instead create a resource that could be used by many.

Infection Prevention and control course

CLICK HERE to find out more information about the infection prevention and control course. For further information, please get in touch with Sentrient.

For media enquiries, please email or call us at 1300 040 589 and ask to speak to Sentrient Managing Director Gavin Altus.