Perhaps the BIGGEST mistake of all…

Is having senior managers and executives within an organisation that give ‘lip service’ to appropriate conduct in the workplace. It is the silent killer of your workplace culture!

Let’s firstly explore the definition of lip service…

Lip service: NOUN, support or agreement that does not appear to be sincere because the words spoken are not followed up by APPROPRIATE ACTION or BEHAVIOUR.

The best leaders make their people feel safe because they 100% believe in their words and back up it up with action.

But unfortunately, far too often we hear things such as:

  • Oh, that’s just Tom, he’s a bit offensive at times. Most people just accept who he is.
  • Louise is a bit of a bully, but that’s just her way of getting things done. She’s been here a long time and we’ve got a lot to be thankful of.
  • I’ve worked with Alan for more than 20 years, it’s just the way he is. It’s something he is working on, so hopefully he might change sometime soon.

We also still have too many leaders that make statements such as we put our people first, we are an equal opportunity employer, or safety is a not negotiable and then turn a blind eye to unsafe or inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

So what does and employer of choice do?

Employers of choice have a distinct competitive advantage. They are in the top 20% of organisation’s to work for and boast high engagement levels. Their leaders focus on creating a workplace where people feel safe and can focus on doing their best work. That makes all the difference!

Wow, is it really that simple?

Yes it is. Good leaders make their people feel safe. They create workplaces where people feel safe at work, where they are treated fairly and with respect.

Those who lead organisation’s in this way will always have a reliable workplace compliance system in place. This will be further strengthened by workplace compliance training and support for their supervisors and managers, so they have a deep understanding on what is required to create and maintain a workplace that is safe, fair and equitable.

Like most things, workplace culture starts from the top. It sets the scene for everyone else in the organisation. There is no place for ‘lip service’ when it comes to serious things such as work health and safety, privacy, bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination.

We all deserve the right to a safe, fair and equitable workplace from the time we step in the door to the time they leave the organisation.

On a parting note…

It’s not just about our leaders and managers. It is a cop out to just blame others, when it comes to appropriate behaviour. We must all stand up for what is right, regardless of the circumstances!

That is a nice little lead into our final blog, Mistake#7 – Fail to communicate the real reason for workplace compliance.