Modern slavery currently deprives nearly 40 million people of their fundamental human rights and undermines their freedom. While anti-slavery organisations fight against the various forms of exploitation, their efforts still fall short when compared to the extent to which this problem prevails. Modern slavery cripples the world economy and human lives.

If not dealt with appropriately, it can lead to a major decline in the acquisition of the right talent pool and the quality of life for many more people. To stop this exploitation, businesses in Australia are required by law to submit annual reports on what modern slavery risks they face and what actions they have adopted and planned to prevent it in the future. Businesses can also adopt some of the following methods, including modern slavery and human rights awareness training.

7 Ways We Can Stop Modern Slavery

Battling modern slavery in and around a workplace without the right tools can be baffling. Here are a few ways you can prevent modern slavery.

1. Acquire knowledge

Knowledge is power! The more management, employees, volunteers, suppliers, etc. know about this problem, the better their efforts to stop it. Awareness and knowledge of how to identify, report, and help resolve incidences of modern slavery in your workplace and supply chain can go a long way. Modern slavery awareness training can be used to spread more awareness of the causes, characteristics, and ways to resolve and prevent it.

2. Discourage ignorance

Many businesses and people are ignorant of the concept of ‘informed shopping’. Consumers purchase goods or services from organisations that involve direct or indirect modern slavery at various levels of their operations. This ignorant consumer behaviour, in a way, encourages people’s exploitation by engaging with such organisations. It is, therefore, advisable for businesses and individuals to engage with ethical businesses worldwide that discourage modern slavery in any form.

3. Support anti-slavery organisations

While knowledge is good, solely depending on education and training will not help you curb the incidents of modern slavery. This battle also requires appropriate resources from time to time. One of the best ways to ensure ongoing efforts to put an end to modern slavery is by supporting anti-slavery organisations. Businesses of all sizes and industries can help such organisations by donating resources as and when required.

4. Be vocal

Silence is not always golden! Some situations demand people to speak up. If you or your organisation is fighting hard in the trenches against modern slavery, you might as well vocalise your concerns and passion. This will help attract like-minded people in society to team up with you and gain more resources to stop modern slavery.

5. Socialise

Speaking up against this evil can also work better when your social reach is larger. All those fighting against modern slavery must socialise and let more people hear their voices. This socialisation does not only mean mixing with people and arranging events in person. It can also include sharing informative content on social media and holding online events when possible.

6. Encourage volunteers

Once you start socialising and gaining more information, you might realise that you are not alone. You may come across many other volunteers associated with government anti-slavery organisations who are doing their bit. Encouraging and helping them as required can also further their efforts.

7. Corporate social responsibility

Businesses can be involved in many forms of service to the community as part of their corporate social responsibility. You may also look to participate in these efforts and try to stop modern slavery.

Preventing modern slavery and eliminating it is an intimidating task. But when organisations join hands to provide a safe and respectful workplace to people from all origins and social strata, exploitation can be eradicated. Workplace compliance management systems and online learning courses can help in this process.

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