Modern slavery is a term used to describe situations of serious exploitation where coercion, threat or deception are used to exploit victims and undermine or deprive them of their freedom. Modern slavery continues to exist in present-day society, driven by exploiters who seek to generate personal and financial gain.

Modern slavery may impact or involve your organisation, your suppliers, the suppliers of your suppliers, all the way through your supply chain.

However, exploitation and coercion are not only limited to jobs in labour markets or where there is minimal legal protection. This blog post describes deceptive recruitment and how to overcome it with modern slavery training. Let us begin.

What Is Deceptive Recruitment for Labour or Service?

Deceptive recruitment, as the name suggests, is recruiting someone for labour or service on a false pretence. Once employed, the actual job scenario turns out to be different from what was promised. People might also be recruited for a higher salary but paid quite less.

This practice is a form of modern slavery and also includes force, threats, or coercion. When the victim realises that the claims made during recruitment are false and they challenge it, they can also suffer from further threats or coercion. Some victims also stay in the arrangement due to financial or visa concerns.

For example, a newly hired site worker realises that their on-paper pay varies from the amount they are being paid. They might want to leave but certain financial obligations stop them from taking that decision without a better opportunity in hand. Hence, they continue to work despite the deception.

What Is Modern Slavery Training?

Modern slavery training for your employees is a learning program that helps educate learners about the behaviours and practices that lead to modern slavery, how to identify them, and how to report and resolve them. This training can also be targeted at volunteers, suppliers, contractors, and stakeholders to tackle the issues of modern slavery better.

How Can Modern Slavery Training Help?

1. Instil Business Values

A business can only run successfully if its functions are aligned with its goals and values. Implementing a modern slavery training program in your workplace helps all your employees understand the standards of behaviour that are expected from them. Stating the zero-tolerance policy towards any form of modern slavery via training can help you provide a better workplace. All onboarding employees must be given this training to instil your business values.

2. Increase Awareness

Many people are unaware of the exploitation that some of their colleagues or subordinates are subjected to. Modern slavery awareness training can help define the behaviours and practices that can be identified as deceptive recruitment. It also describes how to report such incidents. The higher the awareness, the better the resolution and prevention of deceptive recruitment.

3. Provide Required Support

When employees don’t know whom to ask for help, they are less likely to raise their concerns. Giving your employees training and clearly defined rules is beneficial for both those requiring support and those providing support. Everyone can be sure of their role in preventing deceptive recruitment issues.

4. Help Make Employees Feel Valued

Employees who are provided with proper learning opportunities feel empowered and valued in the organisation. Implementing modern slavery training is a way to ensure your workplace is free from any exploitation, which again makes employees feel valued.

5. Stay Compliant with Laws

All organisations are required by law to take measures to prevent modern slavery in and around them. Providing modern slavery training is one thing you can do to help comply with the laws as well as reap all the other benefits. Compliance reduces the risks of penalties or incidents in your workplace.


Deceptive recruitment for labour or services is a rising concern in the global economy. If not stopped, it can continue to exploit the talent pool, which may eventually lead to poor productivity. Organisations that are committed to growth along with human values must invest in providing equal employment opportunities for all and modern slavery awareness training to all of their employees.

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