Melbourne, 9 September 2021 – Sentrient, a leading Australian workplace compliance solutions provider, announced the launch of the COVID-19 management system to provide small and medium businesses with a streamlined and reliable tool to manage COVID compliance across their workplaces. With extensive experience in providing online workplace compliance tools to Australian businesses, Sentrient now aims to help create COVID-19-safe workplaces together with the aim of removing the pain from workplace compliance management.

The COVID-Safe online compliance solution harbours powerful features to make compliance easier. It comes with pre-built online courses for COVID-19 safety at work, a workplace policy builder to help distribute and report on the completion of COVID-19 policies, a messaging tool to easily communicate important COVID-19 information with the workforce, and an online COVID-19 survey tool to gather feedback from employee teams. It also has functions to manage COVID-19 vaccination, testing, safety at work, and reports.

Sentrient COVID-Safe can be installed with minimum time and effort and helps businesses achieve the following with relative ease compared to legacy compliance management software.

Easier COVID-19 reporting

Sentrient COVID-Safe provides a comprehensive COVID-19 dashboard to streamline COVID-19 reporting. It helps create summary, individual, and status reports for vital COVID-19 data such as vaccination and testing, courses, policies, records, and more. These reports can further be customised to facilitate information filtered by department, location, individual staff, group, etc. They can be downloaded in widely used formats, including XLS, CSV, and PDF, and shared with authorities or stakeholders using scheduled emails when required. COVID-Safe assists organisations to demonstrate the steps taken to maintain a COVID-safe workplace easily.

Creating safer workplaces

All COVID-Safe features encourage businesses to create safer workplaces by simplifying the hassles of managing COVID-19 compliance. COVID courses and policies help unfold significant awareness about the spread and containment of the infection. It helps build trust among employees and stakeholders, inspires confidence, and allows everyone to feel safe at work. These attributes consequentially vouch for higher productivity as employees are allowed to focus on their tasks rather than be distressed about their health.

Protect businesses from COVID-19 outbreaks

COVID-Safe empowers businesses by helping them protect themselves from COVID-19 outbreaks. Enhanced awareness, recording COVID-19 vaccination and testing data, and reporting the actions taken to check for infection at workplaces eventually lead to reduced risks of COVID-19 outbreaks. HR recordkeeping, reporting, and risk registers enable simplified management of COVID-19 cases. Audit reports available in COVID-Safe also add to the preparedness of a business and its employees against the risk of infection at the workplace.

Additionally, COVID-Safe offers online COVID-19 surveys with an option to add custom question sets to collect valuable feedback from employees. These surveys help businesses emphasise the mental health and well-being of their employees besides recording their physical health conditions. Soliciting important insights from employee feedback encourages improvements in COVID-19 preparedness and management across the organisation.