Are your employees finally returning to the office after more than a year of working remotely? Is your workplace protected against an unforeseen outbreak of COVID-19? Do you know how COVID tracking software can help your business stay COVID-Safe? If you answered a “no” to most of these questions, relax! You are at the right place to know and achieve all that without spending much time or effort.

While the world is slowly returning to the “old normal” and waving goodbye to the “new normal”, it is time businesses focus on creating safer workplaces for their employees. After our ordeal with the dreadful virus, we know this is easier said than done. There are several parameters to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. What makes this more difficult is the fact that we know very little about this virus.

We observe constant changes in the COVID-19 regulations for workplaces. It is a challenging feat to manage COVID-19 compliance without any reliable technological solutions. A COVID-19 employee tracking software can be the solution you need to solve this. Let us tell you more.

What is COVID-19 tracking software?

A COVID tracking software helps businesses record and track important COVID-19 related attributes to eventually stay compliant with ever-evolving COVID-19 regulatory obligations. It helps you gather and monitor information related to COVID-19 testing status, vaccination status, and recent travel history for all your employees. Careful analysis of this information can help create effective COVID-19 compliance strategies.

What features does a COVID tracking software include?

The features that COVID tracking software includes help you record, analyse, and report on the actions taken to provide a safe workplace to all while staying compliant. Some of the most common yet rewarding features include:

COVID-19 Test Management

Getting tested for the virus and sharing the results might become compulsory according to regulatory guidelines in many regions. It is also mandatory when an employee has travelled near Tier 1/2/3/4 COVID hotspots. A COVID employee tracking software can help you record all these details to know who is at the least or highest risk of transmitting the virus to others in your workplace and act accordingly.

COVID-19 Vaccination Management

COVID-19 vaccinations are an important form of protection against the virus. You may be obligated by law to ask for the vaccination status of employees returning to work. Recording the details, such as the name of the vaccine, the total number of doses, the place of vaccination, etc., can help you maintain a COVID-Safe workplace.

Online COVID-19 Policy Builder

Businesses must also ensure they are guiding their employees with the use of carefully created COVID-19 policies. You may also download policy templates from the Sentrient suite of HR policies, such as the COVID-19 response policy, infection prevention policy, etc. and deploy them after making the required changes. A COVID-19 employee tracking software can also help you build new policies and roll out new or altered policies for your employees, volunteers, and contractors.

Online COVID-19 Surveys

When making changes in the work environment, it always helps to ask your employees for meaningful and constructive feedback. Online COVID-19 survey builder available in COVID-19 tracking software can help create new surveys, including an array of types of questions, e.g., single select, multiple select, Yes/No, etc.

Online COVID-19 Reports

Reports are some of the best tools to help a business prepare new strategies for risk and compliance management. The same works with COVID-19 reports generated using COVID employee tracking software, as they can help you with workplace safety planning and during COVID-compliance audits.

How can COVID-19 employee tracking help your business be COVID-Safe?

As you can see, the features included in the COVID-19 employee tracking system can help businesses take one more step towards creating a safe workplace for all. The list below shows some of the results that can be achieved using this software:

Collect meaningful information

The features to collect COVID testing and vaccination details help gather meaningful information about the health of the workforce. This helps you study the patterns and trends of employee behaviour or practices to avoid or to follow in the future.

Build and deploy effective COVID management strategies

COVID-compliance strategies can easily be developed from the meaningful information collected. Deploying new strategies and guidelines also becomes easier as they are just a few clicks away on the COVID-19 employee tracking software.

Stay COVID-compliant

The robust report generation tool helps businesses prepare for any planned or unplanned COVID-compliance audits in their workplaces. These reports can be easily generated and shared with the required users.

Create and maintain a COVID-Safe workplace

The result of all these exercises of recording, analysing, and reporting COVID data and spreading more awareness through COVID policies is that it helps foster a safe environment at the workplace.

What does Sentrient COVID-Safe offer?

Sentrient COVID-Safe is the latest COVID-19 tracking software for employers regardless of the geographical locations they operate from. It was designed to help small and medium businesses achieve maximum COVID compliance. Apart from all the above-mentioned features, it contains a powerful online compliance course module named “COVID-19 Safety at Work”, to provide a learning opportunity to all employees and stakeholders.

This power-packed COVID-19 employee tracking software can help businesses eliminate the pain of COVID-19 compliance and provide safe workplaces to all their employees.


Being COVID-compliant and making the workplace safe for your employees are two of the top priorities for your business when employees start returning to work from the office. This COVID tracking software by Sentrient can be your key to a COVID-Safe workplace. Your business needs the best COVID compliance management, and we are here to provide just that. Contact us to request a free demo. Wait no longer – make your workplace COVID-Safe!