Compliance management is one of the most important functions of running a business. When done right, it can safeguard your business against many non-conformance risks and penalties. But, managing compliance in modern markets where regulations change frequently is a challenging task.  

To save valuable time, prevent duplication of work, and avoid penalties for non-compliance, businesses in every industry must transition from legacy compliance regimes to modern compliance management systems. We at Sentrient offer leading compliance management software for Australian businesses. It is filled with components and features that help make your regulatory adherence easier. This blog post explores how you can streamline compliance with Sentrient.   

Streamline Compliance with Our Compliance Management Software 

Sentrient’s online workplace compliance management system provides an array of well-crafted compliance management features that can be accessed using multiple devices. Here are some of the features that make Sentrient compliance management software the best option for Australian businesses. 

1. Simple to implement

It can be implemented and deployed within minutes on devices with almost no setup costs. This helps relieve all the stress and pain otherwise associated with installing and integrating legacy Learning Management Systems. It comes with pre-installed features, such as online self-service records management, online training, and policies modules, etc., that do not require further setup. 

2. Easy to use

The simple user interface design, navigation, and powerful dashboards are easy to use and intuitive, and employees can start working with this software in a matter of minutes. There is no need for extensive training sessions. This reduces the training costs along with reduced setup costs. Two in three businesses usually achieve 93% compliance within the initial 45 days of using the system. 

3. Reliable solution

Powerful technology that enables 24*7 real-time access and reporting also makes the Sentrient compliance management system more reliable than competitors. Its cloud storage is secure, and data is kept confidential. Along with this, our responsive customer service team can help customers if there is a problem.  

4. Comprehensive employee compliance training

Employee compliance training is not just a regulatory requirement but also an important aspect of improving your workplace compliance. Sentrient’s compliance management software helps build interactive and informative compliance courses that can be made available for employees company-wide. Being online, employees can access and complete their training irrespective of their location. This helps employees learn the standards of conduct, work performance, and practices that are expected of them by management to make compliance easier. 

5. Powerful workplace policies

Any efficient workplace can only run with the presence of robust workplace policies. These are the guidelines that state how business procedures and activities must be carried out in an organisation. They act as the blueprints of what employee behaviour is expected at the workplace. Sentrient helps create a safe and inclusive workplace by including pre-built workplace policy templates. An organisation can also make workplace policies from scratch with a policy builder. Using Sentrient, these policies can also be extended to suppliers, volunteers, and customers. 

6. The online incident, breach, and whistleblower reporting

Reporting and studying incidents and breaches can help reduce their possibility in future. Sentrient’s online workplace compliance system allows reporting incidents and breaches of compliance. Also, whistleblowing incidents can be reported with confidentiality, a key requirement. 

7. Online compliance and safety culture surveys

Regular surveys help improve compliance and the safety culture in every organisation. Our software allows businesses to conduct these surveys based on their requirements. The surveys can be customised to include various question types and be reported by a particular department or organisation as a whole. 

The Takeaway:

Complying with changing regulations requires much more than just dedicated employees. The right tools to help manage compliance are equally important to stay ahead of compliance requirements. Sentrient offers a comprehensive online workplace compliance management system that can be easily used and implemented quickly at a low cost. 

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