Some companies believe compliance training is a hindrance rather than a benefit to a business. Compliance training may not be one of your priority HR tasks in the new normal, but it is one of the most important things you can do to keep your employees safe, focused on work, and reduce business risks.

Although all employees benefit from it, new hires can especially gain useful insights about your business and the standards of work and behaviour that are expected from them. Let’s discuss compliance training for new employees in detail.

What is compliance training?

A business has to follow certain rules of operation, maintaining workplace or safety standards at manufacturing units, etc., whichever is applicable based on the type of industry it belongs to. These can be seen as the legal guidelines that must be followed at all times. Compliance training is a form of imparting knowledge about the local, federal, and international laws and regulations that your business has to comply with.

Compliance training can include topics such as workplace safety, code of conduct, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and many more.

What does compliance training for new employees include?

When a new employee joins your team, the main focus of a business is to introduce the most important regulations that they must observe in the workplace. These can be divided into two parts:

  • The technical or operational regulations

These are operational or work-related standards that an employee at your organisation must follow to produce quality work. They also define the amount of work that you expect your employee to complete in a given time. In a nutshell, it defines what, how, and how much work to do.

  • The behavioural regulations 

These guide the new hire about the behaviour you expect from them whilst working. 

How does compliance training benefit new employees?

  • Awareness of various standards  

This helps new hires understand their role and responsibility in your company. They are clearer about their position and the duty they must impart to be an important part of your organisation. It also helps them carry out their tasks with better precision.

  • A better understanding of the organisational goals  

One of the most crucial of benefits of compliance training for new employees is understanding organisational goals. The vision and goals help lay out a blueprint for all the business procedures and activities to be performed. This serves as the common ground for reaching a mutual agreement between the new hire and your organisation.

  • Motivation to work towards achieving those goals

When your employees know and resonate with your organisation’s goals, they can work better. Work becomes more meaningful and strategically planned when the goals are known.

How does compliance training benefit the organisation?

  • Communication with newly hired employees

Compliance training breaks the ice. It helps establish a communication channel with the new employee. Better communication with your employees from the very beginning helps create and maintain a professional and healthy way to connect with them. Managers can discuss work targets and expectations with employees.

  • It shows that you care

When a new employee enters your workplace, compliance training also shows them their rights. You let them know of the procedures to be followed in case of misconduct or other issues. It helps create an image of a responsible employer. The law also requires this.

What does Sentrient offer?

Sentrient has designed workplace compliance courses that have proved beneficial to many Australian businesses. These courses help you provide all the information your employees need. It makes compliance easier for your HR managers and creates better workplaces for all. These courses help an organisation achieve all the above benefits and avoid the risk of non-compliance.


Compliance training for new hires is a rewarding business activity that must not be overlooked. The more an organisation invests in new hires, the more the probability of them staying and putting in their best. Contact Sentrient today to learn more about compliance training for new hires.