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Surviving Uncertainty – Develop An Efficient GRC Strategy

Compliance is effective when it is strategically aligned with changing laws and regulations. Obsolete controls increase governance and non-compliance risks. Resetting your governance, risk […]

Top 8 Tips To Engage Remote Employees Using HRMS

Remote working models are more common now than ever and can benefit employees’ work/life balance and organisations’ costs associated with office space requirements.Ā  However, […]

The Importance Of HR Management Policies And Procedures

Businesses deploy policies and procedures to provide their employees with insights into how to conduct themselves, whom to contact in case of emergency, how […]

Top 5 Tips To Create The Best GRC Policies For Your Organisation

An organisation cannot expect an effective GRC strategy implementation if its policies fail to guide its operations and employees effectively. GRC policies must integrate […]

What Are Examples Of Disability Harassment In The Workplace

Disability harassment is a form of discrimination that occurs when an individual with a disability is subjected to negative or hostile behaviour in the […]

A Complete Overview Of Workforce Management

Workforce management is the process of running an efficient and engaged team. Some of the tasks this process includes our staff rostering, managing compliance […]

Key Workforce Management Considerations

Effective workforce management strategies include much more than recruitment, onboarding, and performance management. When done right, workforce management also includes allowing your workforce to […]

How Important Is Incident Reporting For Better Compliance

Everyone who manages compliance for their organisation knows how important it is to manage all non-compliance incidents with top priority and sensitivity. Being unaware […]

How To Gather Employee Feedback

Employee feedback, which historically could only be associated with annual performance reviews, is now the secret to creating substantial work experience that enhances employee […]

How To Identify, Prevent, And Respond To Retaliation Harassment In The Workplace

Retaliation harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that can negatively affect both employees and the company. Employers must understand how to identify, […]

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