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What Is Manual Handling Training And Why Do You Need It?

Safe Work Australia statistics detail over 100,000 reports of work-related injuries and diseases in Australia most years. Every year, many employees across industries and […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Deploying Manual Handling Training In Your Workplace?

Your employee’s health and safety is often at risk when it comes to manual handling activities. A responsible employer should train their employees to […]

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What Should You Consider Before Selecting a Manual Handling Course?

Risks related to manual handling tasks are not just present in factories and warehouses. Offices also may include activities that require careful monitoring for […]

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Why Is Manual Handling Training Important?

Does your workplace involve employees lifting, moving, or using force to carry heavy loads? If yes, the next question is, are you educating your […]

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What Is The Purpose Of A Manual Handling Training Course?

Every employee engaged in manual handling activities is subject to health and safety risks associated with manual handling. Although the worker fatality rate in […]

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How You Can Reduce Or Eliminate Manual Handling Risks In Your Workplace

Employee health and safety is not only a compliance concern, it also affects, directly or indirectly, the lives of all workers and society as […]

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Injuries Caused Due To The Absence Of Appropriate Workplace Manual Handling Training

Manual handling consists of activities involving pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, and other related manoeuvres, all of which make up a normal day in the […]

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Manual Handling Becomes Even More Relevant When Working From Home

As an employer, we have an obligation to provide a safe workplace for our staff. The challenge is that providing a safe workplace includes […]

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