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Step #2 – Understand that the ‘Law does not discriminate’ based on size, type or location of your business

In the Australian business environment there are still far too many businesses that either do not understand their legal obligations or choose not to meet them, when it comes to [...]

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Step #1 – Recognise the ‘Risk’

Legacy workplace compliance regimes have tended to deal with risk mitigation from a ‘risk versus cost’ perspective. This has resulted in much time and money being directed at work health [...]

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The 7 Steps That Good Businesses Take to Mitigate the Risk of Non-Compliance

It is the responsibility of everyone to do the right thing when it comes to fair work, privacy and health and safety in the workplace. Not just because we have [...]

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Mistake #7 – Most businesses fail to communicate the ‘real reason’ for workplace compliance

It’s pretty simple….. We all have a role to play in creating and maintaining a workplace culture that is safe, fair and equitable. Too often, we all sit back and [...]

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Mistake #6 – Most businesses have a management team that give ‘lip service’ to good workplace culture

Perhaps the BIGGEST mistake of all... Is having senior managers and executives within an organisation that give ‘lip service’ to appropriate conduct in the workplace. It is the silent killer [...]

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Mistake #5 – Most businesses do not have processes for reporting workplace incidents

Workplace compliance goes well beyond just training your staff….. Many organisations go to the effort of educating their people on things such as health and safety, privacy, bullying, sexual harassment [...]

By | October 17th, 2016|Workplace Compliance|0 Comments
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