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Step #6 – Have a management team that foster a good workplace culture

Regardless of how we train people, or what policies and procedures we have in place, like most things in life, it’s a case of “show me don’t tell me”. What [...]

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Step #5 – Ensure that employees understand how to identify, report and resolve workplace incidents

There is a common theme across this workplace compliance series – the best organisations have a robust workplace compliance system in place. One that educates their staff and delivers policies [...]

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Step #4 – Respect the ‘Your Honour Test’

It is 9.30 am on a Monday morning….. Your Human Resource Manager comes into your office, with a concerned look on her face. There’s been a report of misconduct at [...]

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Common sense is not so common when it comes to legislative compliance in small and medium business

Is Common Sense Enough? One could debate that if our people just used more common sense, then legislative compliance would not need to take up so much time in the [...]

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Step #3 – Have the right ‘training and policies’ in place to safeguard against successful claims of legal liability

Regardless of your leadership credentials, employee engagement scores or long standing reputation of your business, breaches in safety, invasion of privacy and workplace incidents such as bullying, harassment and discrimination [...]

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Step #2 – Understand that the ‘Law does not discriminate’ based on size, type or location of your business

In the Australian business environment there are still far too many businesses that either do not understand their legal obligations or choose not to meet them, when it comes to [...]

By | January 16th, 2017|Workplace Compliance|0 Comments
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