Every business, irrespective of its size, location, or industry sector, must have HR policies and procedures in place for its workforce. HR policies and procedures not only help guide the routine business operations of an organisation and manage its employees, but they do so without the need for constant intervention from management.

The HR policies and procedures must be compliant with legislation for the region and the latest government regulations to help manage legal risks. They also help outline the benefits and opportunities that your organisation provides to its employees, contractors, suppliers, volunteers, customers, and stakeholders. All these attributes help your business grow to new heights.

But what if you are a new organisation and have no experience building such a legal framework? Or, if your organisation has already implemented policies and procedures but needs an overhaul given the changes in the business scenario? Instead of worrying your HR personnel to start building everything from scratch, you can download free HR policy and procedure templates and customise them according to the requirements of your organisation.

Sentrient HR policy and procedure templates help streamline human resource and compliance management for your business.

Why use HR Policy and Procedure Templates?

Using tailor-made HR policy and procedure templates helps your organisation establish a clear and robust structure and a set of rules that you will use to manage your workforce on a day-to-day basis.

A structured approach to managing employees, business processes, and operations will help ensure:

  • that you meet basic legal obligations
  • that you empower your HR managers to make consistent and reliable decisions to promote a workplace culture of fairness
  • that you establish a clear understanding of expectations, directives, and consequences
  • that your new employees feel welcomed, motivated to stay longer and grow with your organisation

Successful implementation of these free HR policy and procedure templates will help you minimise operational, legal, and cultural risks at your workplace in the long run. It will also add to the overall professionalism of your business operations.

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Benefits of well-defined workplace policies and procedures

Once you customise HR policies and procedure templates to suit your organisational requirements, their benefits include they:

  • provide guidelines for decision-making in daily work scenarios
  • provide a consistent and clear response across the company to deal with situations
  • direct employees about standards that are expected of them on performance and behavioural aspects
  • demonstrate professional workplace behaviour standards and establish a fair culture
  • provide a means to convey information to new staff members
  • provide clear guidelines to help with driving accountability
  • provide a clear structure for raising and addressing complaints
  • ensure that you are better equipped to defend claims of a breach of employer obligation or non-compliance with regulations

The free HR policy and procedure templates by Sentrient help you undertake an adaptive and well-organised approach towards the key areas of HR and workplace governance, risk and compliance. You can customise them, along with seeking your own human resources and legal advice to meet the needs of your organisation.

Businesses in Australia and New Zealand have already started integrating Sentrient HR policy and procedure templates in their legal and operational framework. Contact Sentrient for a free demo today and take your business to new heights.